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The Dog Days of Summer — Sirius Rising

Use this Sigil to call on the power of Sirius for fame, fortune and prosperity -- however, use it to work for the highest good.

Use this Sigil to call on the power of Sirius for fame, fortune and prosperity — however, use it to work for the highest good.

The Dog Days of Summer – Sirius Rising

by Silver RavenWolf

The brightest star in the sky at 1.46 magnitude, Sirius is twice the size of our sun. Located in the constellation of Canis Major this powerful star historically heralded the hottest days of summer  in Greece and signaled the flooding of the Nile in Egypt.  Named by the Greeks, “Sirius” means “glowing” or “scorcher”.  At one time Sirius rose with the sun on summer solstice; but, due to the precession of the equinoxes, Sirius’glittering reign does not begin until the early days of July and lasts approximately 40 days, somewhere around 11 August. Positioned in the constellation of the Greater Dog, Sirius became known as the Greater Dog Star, with associations to Artemis, Anubis, and Isis.

Specifically located at 13° 57 min. Cancer, Sirius embodies the energy of luck, pride, ambition, good reputation, occult interests, wealth, good fortune, honor, and fame. The stars energy is also associated with dog bites, literally and metaphorically. Some practitioners associate Sirius with  the Goddess Hecate in her Bitch Goddess aspect. Although Sirius can highlight fame, it can also inflame danger and violence particularly if heat and humidity are high.

At this point you’re saying, “Gee that’s great Silver, but what is that to do with me.”

Sirius has one more title, that of the Great Conjurer.

It is now, right now, that the power of Sirius according to folklore, is at its greatest height.  Reference can be found in numerous collections of American stories of legend and lore to the Dog Days of Summer, when Pow-wows, Hexenmeisters, Witches, Grannies, and a plethora of conjurers, might work their greatest magic.* Facing the rising Sun each day for 13 days one might offer one’s petition in a variety of methods to reach a goal of success, happiness, and good fortune. Many stories single out the waning moon during this period, wherein the banishment of evil, revenge, and the destruction of misfortune find the path of least resistance.  Boiling a piece of clothing that you have worn and not washed is thought to break the worst of curses if done on the waning moon during the reign of Sirius.  Pow-Wow’s often advised the client to throw in some finger nail clippings and hair as well.

This year, Mercury will turn direct right under the nose of this star, and then, about four days later, will conjunct with it. The energy might be like waving a dog bone right under the snarling jaws of the beast on the day Mercury turns direct.  Four days later, that dog will get that bone! Around the 3rd or 4th of August, Mars will conjunct with Sirius.  Giving you two very interesting boosts of power should you choose to use them in your magick.

Not only do you have the opportunity to use the Grand Sextile (see previous post) you also have the Braucher’s Time of Power – The Dog Days of Summer.  Even if you do not choose to use this energy, it will be interesting to be informed – and to watch as public events unfold.

Artwork:  Sirius Sigil drawn by Silver RavenWolf from page 410 of The Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa edited and annotated by Donald Tyson – Llewellyn World Wide Publications.

*American Witch Stories by Hubert J. Davis – Jonathan David Publishers, Middle Village, New York, 1975.  A compilation of stories collected during the depression years by the WPA for the Virginia Writers Project.

Note:  If you find fault with any of the historical or astrological accuracy of this post, please feel free to correct by comment with your sources.

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