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Moon in the Signs – How to Interpret Your Day

Every morning I roll out of bed, splash my face with icy water, take the dancing dog to the woods, light my altar candles, and make a cup of tea before settling in front of the computer.  For the next half hour (or more) I bang out the day’s celestial events in a short blurb that’s read (possibly) by about 20,000 people (at least that’s what the statistics say).  My astro bits of wisdom are primarily intuitive, although I often double-check my work with a computer program (WinStar), Robert Hand’s material, and older texts that discuss the mansions of the moon, medical astrology, and medieval astrology.

I look for two things when I write the burbs — the journey the moon will make through its particular sign and any upcoming dialogue between the planets (with or without the moon).  The moon’s tour lasts about 2 and one-half days — and I look at her visit in total — from the moment the moon enters a sign until it leaves.  Sometimes I mutter under my breath, “Well!  Aren’t you just going to be oh-so-pissy this time around!”  Other times I clap my mental hands with glee, “Ouuuu, super good luck these next two days!  Whoot!”

The moon reminds me of a hard-working friend of mine.  This friend takes several trips a month to various companies across the U.S. Sometimes, the excursions are excellent, other times not so much. There can be delays, difficulties, unexpected events — and how she feels regarding these circumstances colors her journey for good or ill.   Her interactions with other folks are reflected in her (or their) emotional tenure as a result of those circumstances.

As an example, the moon moves into Capricorn today, and the “trip” is a mixed bag. She starts out throwing a hissy fit at Mars because she isn’t in the mood to move in the Libra direction of balance and fairness — she wants to follow the rules instead.   I think about how that energy might affect my life, and how I could use that flow to my best advantage.  Later, the Moon is much happier when she meets Mercury in Scorpio (an intensely pleasant convo). This is followed by the possibility of dealing with an internal stressor that she’s used to and wishes she could just let it go. That’s today.  I’ve also kept a record of how each moon sign affects me, personally.  Because I run a large group, I know that someone will contact me in regard to my position in that group.  I may be asked for guidelines, be given notification, or requested that I lend aid of some kind.  I am an older person and the Capricorn Moon lets me shine in that regard as well.  If I were to post on social media today, it would be best if I did so in the role of mentor or teacher.  If the Moon was in Sagittarius, I would be better off telling a humorous story or posting a good luck spell.

I also look at tomorrow and the last aspect of the moon (the last planet she talks to before she leaves the sign of Capricorn). This occurs on Sunday. Looking at this last aspect allows me to understand the flavor of the moon’s journey in Capricorn this time around.  The Last Aspect Horary Astrology rule is always accurate. That rule is:  The last dialogue between the moon any planet before the moon leaves her sign shows the result of the issue. This last aspect represents the theme of the 2 1/2 a half days the moon will be spending in earthy Capricorn.  With a tool like Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide — you can always look ahead to see any moon theme on any day.

Looking at my Planetary Guide, I also see that Mercury in Scorpio is heading toward an opposition with Uranus in Taurus during the Moon’s stay in Capricorn.  This dialogue can be a messy one; but, because it involves speedy Mercury, when it hits it will be over and done with.  What do I see? Broken equipment, psychotic breaks, slow pay on money owed to you, etc.  I observe that this energy pattern is tightening up for Sunday, which means daily life BEFORE Sunday may be a bit testy.  So, I tell myself, don’t lose your cool over stupid stuff.  To fix problems, (because the moon is in Capricorn), my gut reaction will be to look for a rule, guideline, sequence of success, grounding, earth/nature-centered assistance, or help from an older person to smooth things out.  The planetary dialogue never stands alone — it is always colored by the sign the moon is in — because that moon sign tells you the emotional frequency of everyone.  It can tell you how the general populace (there are always exceptions) will react to any event.

The Capricorn Moon will turn to rules and organization to handle the intense Mercury clawing at Uranus in Taurus (which is like a big, massive, sleepy dragon but when he wakes up at Mercury’s tantrum, he’ll fry your tuckus).  Here, the last aspect of the moon is on Sunday in the evening. This last dialogue between the moon in Capricorn and the planet listed tells us the overall theme of Moon in Capricorn this time around. Rather than “wait” for that energy, I look at it before it happens and then work the energy during the Moon’s journey in Capricorn this time around to my best advantage.

The last aspect of the Capricorn moon in our example is a square to Venus in Libra. There’s that fair and balance stuff again; but, the issue can be more mundane — difficulties with education or shopping – buyer beware, etc.).  Right away, I know two things: I may be hit with an unexpected small expense – it won’t break the bank; but, I won’t be thrilled about it, either.  It actually could be something I said I would purchase, and then never got around to it. Now I am forced to run out and buy it at a possibly higher price than I would have paid initially. Or, I could be super irritated with people, and so should let them melt into hysterics while I file my nails rather than join in the fray.   Of course, it could play out in other ways — that’s where your intuition comes in.  Those examples show surface, everyday stuff.  There is always a way to positively spin the upcoming energies in a magickal, spiritual way.  What I should do today, tomorrow, and early Sunday, given the examples, is work on my own inner balance and healing.  I should find pleasure in the earth and nature and continually ground, center, welcoming, and acknowledging the peace and joy that nature provides.

The Moon in the Signs gives us an amazing roadmap on how to handle our time to our best advantage.  It doesn’t take long to learn the signs — there’s just twelve — and you already have a handle on this information because you live and manipulate the energy every day, even though you don’t realize it.  Take a moment to acknowledge it?  And the lens of clarification you already possess activates.  Go for it!

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