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Silver RavenWolf Presents Garden Blessing May 2014

Silver RavenWolf's Garden Blessing Ceremony

Silver RavenWolf’s Garden Blessing Ceremony

Before the sun rises I’ve gathered my tools.  The air is soft, cool, sweet.  Delight.

Birdsong.  Light.  Delicate.  Joyful.

Muddy.  Better get my garden boots on!

I set everything up, bouncing from the yard to the porch and back again — making sure everything is just right.


Dancing among the highest branches of the trees.

Dawn breathes color.

I wait patiently.  Take a cleansing breath.  Light the offering candle.

A deep breath — arms rising slowly — energy rumbling under my feet, entering my body, shooting up through the chakras.  My hands grow warm.  Palms pulsating.  I take a deep breath and push, the energy flying from my hands like white hot bolts.

The circle casting has begun.

“There is one power,” booms my voice.  “And it is perfect.  Unified in the blend of my Lord and the Lady!  I conjure thee O great circle of Art so that you will be for me a boundary between the world of men and the mighty ones.  A meeting place of perfect love, trust, peace and joy…”

“I call thee forth,” echoes my voice as morning dew glitters at my feet — the quarters — intoned.  Summoned.  Stirred.  Blessed.

I walk the perimeter of the garden carrying my staff, filled with the blend of nature around me.

I am at peace. I am in joy. The power continues to surge.

I call upon Spirit, asking for abundance, good health, and protection for my garden.

Crows scream. Finches twitter. A hawk swoops and circles.

The offering sprinkled. The prayers made. The Braucherei chants finished.

I thank deity, close quarters, and pour the circle energy into the garden soil.

I wish everyone in the world could experience such a divine moment — a time of perfection like this…

of love

of peace

of gentle power…

of pure happiness.

Maybe then we would be free.

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