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Silver RavenWolf – Layers of Magick

Our words are layers of magick that form our lives.  If you utter it, you activate it.

Our words are layers of magick that form our lives. If you utter it, you activate it.

Everything we think, everything we do — consists of layers.   Experience.  Belief.  Emotions.  Perception.  Every magickal act we perform is a process of layers — the intent, the tools, the space, the words, the feelings, the action — an amazing collection of layer…after layer…after layer.  Some of our actions boldly pierce through those layers, and others carry just a muted hint of their purpose.

With every word you utter — the power builds.

The question is — where are you REALLY placing your power?

Mars in Libra turned retrograde yesterday.  Today Saturn in Scorpio turns retrograde.   When any planet turns retrograde it looks within.  My favorite analogy is one of those old, hard super balls.  Remember them?  A bit of a bounce and it would careen all over the place.  When power is turned within, it can be extremely destructive, yet amazingly strong.  For example, if you hold your stress in — it eats you — literally.  If, however, you find an avenue of positive behavior to handle that stress, it can be an amazing ally.  A retrograde planet is the same way — find the best venue for the energy — and transformation follows.

When working with retrograde planets, astrology experts advise working on issues related to that planet that were begun before the retrogradation. They also indicate that starting something new that is related to that planet will either be severely impaired, or will have to be revisited at a later date, after the planet has gone direct.

As we experience a Mercury retro about three times a year, we have become familiar with how that planet’s energies behave.  But, what about the other planets?  As with all things — we start with the base energy.  Mercury’s base is communication as well as electronics (Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury).  To the base, we add the sign energy — this time around it was Aquarius — energy that affects communication on a broad scale, including groups, organizations, society in general, the internet and of course all forms of communication (music, video, television, etc.) — so, we had a bit of a double whammy.  Although you may have let out a long sigh of relief that Mercury has once again decided to dance the light fantastic and turn direct, Mars retrograde on its heels may make us feel like we are stalled all over again — and this time for a longer period — 3 months.

What is Mars all about?  Energy, Aggression, Physical Activities, Vigor, Conflict, Warfare, Individuality, Sex, Power, Accidents, Frustration, Arrogance and Self-Confidence.  Mars is the “go” planet.  What does Mars rule?  Police, Sports, Military, Surgery, Warfare, Weather, Business, Opponents, Revenge, Sales, and much more.  In what sign does Mars retrograde?  Libra.  Libra is all about innovation, compromise, creativity, marriage, partnerships, agreements, cooperation, freedom and beauty.  What does Mars retrograde energy do?  It goes within.  It can stall.  It can go the wrong way (in our perception).  What problems MIGHT we see?  Shallow behavior, an uptick in lying, snobbery, indecisive non-action, fear, aimless debate, co-dependency issues, and growing feelings of “its not fair!”   When does Mars retrograde end?  19 May 2014.  What do I most need to know?  “Actions initiated are often rooted in confusion or end up at cross-purposes to our original intentions.  Typically under a Mars retrograde, the aggressor or initiator of a battle is defeated.”  — from page 24, Llewellyn’s 2013 Daily Planetary Guide.  What I’ve noticed with Mars retrograde is the following, and this is just my opinion:  Folks tend to be tired (a lot), sluggish, more prone to migrate to the couch than other places.  You tend to notice people acting like jerks.  Those who have been mistreated rise up and try to strike back.  On-going projects (things begun before the retrograde) tend to benefit, because the energy is more focused on the task.  Most interesting, you may be moved to turn yourself inside out — meaning, you may have a boost of zeal directed at changing things within yourself and in your immediate environment — throwing out old, tired, worn, nasty thoughts, feelings, or items may surface as a real need.

What do you do with a Mars retro?  Think carefully.  Don’t attack unless it is vitally necessary.  Pay attention to your own behavior and use spiritual cleansing techniques to help you overcome negative feelings and actions.  Have lots of fun working on old projects, particularly those that seem to have gathered a bit of dust.  The re-focus can liven up and positively change the project.  As a note — Mars retro in your natal chart can indicate an on-going struggle from childhood in which you felt the need to assert yourself.  During a Mars retro, you may do very well, as this is a condition you are used to.

Saturn retros close to once year (retro for five months, direct for eight), unlike Mars where the retrogradations are further apart.   This means that you go through the Saturn retro as a part of daily life about once a year.  In other words, you are more used to it.  Let’s do the same building process.  What is Saturn all about?  Goals, Ambition, Limits, Obstacles, Conservative-ism, Structure, Older People, Responsibility, Teaching, Reward, Self-Control.  Saturn is the “structure” planet.  What does Saturn rule?  Laborers, Heritage, Advice, Prison, Old Buildings, anything underground, Poverty, Farming Profits, Long Illness, Mines and more.  In what sign does Saturn retrograde?  Scorpio.  Scorpio is all about extremes, potential, intensity, sex, taxes, debts, crisis skills, self-mastery, politics, transformation and that which is hidden.  What problems MIGHT we see?  Fanatic behavior, envy, jealousy, compulsions over the top, obsessions, power struggles, suspicion, or vindictive behavior.  When does Saturn retrograde end?  20 July 2014.  The biggest thing I’ve noticed with a Saturn retrograde is that authority figures shut down, turn within, and don’t listen to the world outside of themselves.  They try to make changes, which often blow up in their faces.  This is a problem because it often affects authority figures in your life, which in turn, affects you.  During a Saturn retro, authority likes to stay as they are, and are not in the mood for change.  As a note, folks with Saturn retro in their chart often suffer an early loss, or one parent may have been absent during childhood.  If you have not dealt with this issue, the theme can reassert itself in your mind.  As Saturn retro is part of your natal chart, you may function very well during this time.

Retrograde energy is an opportunity to find balance within the self — making adjustments to our thoughts, feelings and behavior.  From that inner harmony, we can then extend our talents out into the world where they will come to fruition in the best way possible.  Use the retrogrades to work on the layers of the self and you will reap great rewards.

Then, speak it into existence for all to hear.

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