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Silver RavenWolf – How to Make Witch Balls Conjuring Balls out of Soy Wax and Herbs

Witch Balls or Conjuring Balls have a variety of magickal purposes from cleansing the aura and ridding an area of negativity, to ensuring a bad boss finally gets his due.

Witch Balls or Conjuring Balls have a variety of magickal purposes from cleansing the aura and ridding an area of negativity, to ensuring a bad boss finally gets his due.

How to Make Witch Balls (Conjuring Balls) Out of Soy Wax and Selected Dried Herbals by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2014

Witch Balls (Conjuring Balls) can be made out of a variety of materials including soy wax, paraffin wax, mud, clay or a mixture of flour, salt, egg and water.  Normally sized at 1/2 inch to 1 inch, these bits of magick can be used for a variety of needs in several different ways.  From making the aura cleansing formula shown in the above photo, to love draw, protection, banishing, or money matters, Witch Balls are easy to make and simple to dispense in a magickal operation.  Practitioners have used them in conjuring bags, placed them around the home (or near an enemy’s abode),  thrown them into ceremonial bonfires to help boost the magick, or crumpled them at their place of business to rid the area of negativity. Witch Balls can be used to “draw” or to “banish” — the choice belongs to the maker and his or her intent.  They can contain only herbals, or herbals mixed with small charms, hair, fingernail clippings, bits of money, grave dirt, or ashes of photos that are stirred into the wax while the brew is still warm — what goes in them is only limited by your imagination.  The formula in this article is for Aura or Spiritual Cleansing of Body, Mind, Soul AND environment.  As an important note — wax Witch Balls are never eaten.

Aura Cleansing Witch Ball Supply List

2 cups of soy wax flakes — you will use one cup at a time, so keep them separate. The first cup is to form the balls.  The second is the overdip cup — this is for dipping the cooled balls into the hot wax quickly to create an outer shell around the Witch Ball.  You can dispense with this second cup; however, know that your finished product will be extremely fragile without overdipping. A teaspoon Melting container for the wax per manufacturer’s instructions. Tin foil Essential Oils and/or Fragrance — I used Clove Essential, Lavender Essential, Lemon Grass Essential, and Lemon Verbena Fragrance A Selection of Dried Cleansing Herbals — I used approximately 2 cups (3 handfuls) of herbs from my garden — these included:  White Sage, Lemon Verbena, Anise Hyssop, Spiced Oregano, Rosemary, African Basil, , and Lavender. Candle Dye (if you like) — Soy naturally turns a lovely white.

Step One:  Gather your supplies — cleanse and bless them in the way you are most comfortable. Step Two:  Melt the wax per manufacturer’s instructions.


This formula makes approximately ten or eleven Witch Balls.

 Step Three:  Magickally inform the wax and essentials to work together.  Add essentials and fragrance to the wax per manufacturer’s instructions.  As you won’t be burning the Witch Balls like a candle, concern over the right amount of fragrance or essentials isn’t an issue.  If you don’t want your Witch Balls to be discovered, then only add a drop or two (or none at all).  If, as in this case, you will be using the blend for healing and cleansing, a higher aromatic effect might be desired.  Stir the wax at least two minutes to ensure dispersal of the essentials.  Use your favorite general chant, or one that supports the overall intent of the Witch Ball.


Step Four:  Magickally inform the herbals and wax to work together — then add handfuls of the herbal into the wax.  If you add too much herb the mixture will break apart too easily when dry — too little, and you won’t be able to form a ball because the mixture will be too soupy.  Take your time and “feel” your way with the formula.  As you stir the herbs into the wax, use your favorite chant that matches the intent of the finished Witch Ball.


Step Five:  Allow the mixture to cool approximately thirty to thirty-five minutes, until the wax is just about to glaze over.  You will see small crystal bits on the inside of the glass near the wax line — this lets you know that the wax is quickly cooling.  Different waxes, however, cool at different rates — too, it depends on how hot you made the wax to reach the melt point.  Do a little experimentation — don’t worry, you’ll get it right.  Use a teaspoon to give you a firm base to form the ball.  Gently transfer each ball (they will be very fragile) to the tinfoil, where they will cool.


Step Six:  Allow the Witch Balls to cool for approximately thirty minutes.

Use the waiting time to clean any mess, or add additional energy to the cooling balls.  You may wish to play soft music, sing, chant, or simply sit quietly and enjoy the stillness.


Step Seven:  When the balls are completely cool to the touch, you are ready to overdip them.  Again, heat the wax to the manufacturer’s specified instructions.  Add essential oils and fragrance as you did before.  If you don’t add any to this batch of wax, the overdipping can obscure the original essentials and fragrance — if that is what you want — that is fine.  Quickly dip each ball into the hot wax, lift it, shake it to speed dripping process, then place back on the foil.  Use can use tongs or the forcepts as pictured here.  Go through all the balls one time — dipping, shaking, transferring to the foil.  Repeat this process as many times as you like.  The more times you dip the herbal ball, the thicker the shell.  The thicker the shell — the easier to transport when completely dry.  Your choice.  The Witch Balls pictured here were dipped a total of nine times.



Step Eight:  Allow the herbal balls to cool completely before moving them to a ritual area, where you will continue the empowerment process and magickally seal the balls.  Once this process is finished you can either use the Witch Balls right away, or store them to use as needed.  If you choose to store them, allow the Witch Balls to cure in the open air for 24 hours before placing them in a plastic bag or glass jar.


Breathe deeply and run energy into the Witch Balls while chanting your intent.

Stored Witch Balls can be used on an "as needed" basis -- simply "awaken" them and add them to your spellwork or ritual magick.

Stored Witch Balls can be used on an “as needed” basis — simply “awaken” them and add them to your spellwork or ritual magick.

Sigils can also be drawn on the storage container or bag to keep your work sealed until you need to use it.  Some practitioners cover the bag or container with a black (or white) cloth, depending upon their magickal training or cultural heritage.  You choose what works best for you.

Be sure to post if this formula works for you!

Silver makes a variety of candles available in her Etsy Store.

Silver makes a variety of candles available in her Etsy Store.

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