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How to make Abundance Piggy Free Pattern

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2018

Celebrate Harvest Fun with this adorable, easy to make abundance Piggy! I used the same body pattern as with the crow, then added a nose, ears, and hooves to create these whimsical piggies, perfect for harvest decoration (or anyone who simply adores cute pigs!).  In Celtic tradition, the pig symbolizes bravery, fertility, heroism, courage, and valor.   Other associations include luck, financial gain, good fortune, abundance, successful harvest and more.


Basic supplies for this project include:

3 color variations of pink felt White and Pink Perle Embroidery Thread (Optional) Black Felt Dowel rod (12 inches) bamboo skewer Glue (I used a glue gun) Pink pipe cleaner for tail Scissors Embellishments (ribbon, yarn, tulle, pieces of flower from the Dollar Store, faux gems)



Cut out all the pieces from your felt.  Feel free to make adjustments to give your pig its unique character.  Lengthen or shorten the nose, switch up the eyes, or adjust the size of the hooves.  I  decorate the front of the pig with the eyes, nose pieces, and hooves before gluing the body together.  I add stitching to the ears and nose for a more finished look.  The mouth can be a half circle or triangle shape with one stitch.  To make the pig look neat from the back, I glue the ears together and affix them to the front piece of the body before gluing the back piece to the front.  I also glue the stick and the tail onto the inside back piece before laying the front on top.


The trick to both the pig and the crow (see the previous post)  is to take your time, gluing slowly from the top of the pig down toward the stick.  I don’t use a lot of stuffing, just enough to keep the stick from showing through the front of the pig.  You don’t have to add the stick if you don’t want to.  I just found it a unique way to display my magickal felt creatures.  Complete your piggy by adding an abundance petition, a small gemstone,  and herbs of your choice to enhance the good fortune energy of your work before gluing completely closed.


My formula for the Abundance Piggy:  Cinquefoil, Poppy, Chamomile, Clove, Holy Basil, Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, and Safflower Petals  

You can mix your own herbals, or choose from several blends in my WhisperMagick store.  To empower and activate my piggies, I used my new Enchanted Apple Soy Tea Candles.  Choose whatever type of candle and fragrance that speaks to your desires.

Once my piggies are together, I finish the decorating process with embellishments, such as ribbon, yarn, faux gems, glitter tulle, spanish moss, and artificial flowers.  Use your imagination to design your unique piggy!


Don’t have time to make your own piggy?  I have several available in my WhisperMagick store.  This offering comes with the Abundance Herbal Mix, four soy Enchanted Apple Tea Candles, cotton conjuring bag, and a rough quartz crystal

I hope you enjoy creating your Abundance Piggy!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within! Silver RavenWolf

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