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Lucky Black Cat Free Pattern

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2018

Dreaming Animal Series — Lucky Black Cat

My favorite time of year is on the horizon, and I’ve been filling my WhisperMagick store with all sorts of handcrafted Halloween/Samhain items!  Each day I celebrate the amazing energy of creativity, writing, stitching, designing poppets, spirit animals, and other magickal projects.  I thought you might like to join me by jumping into summer’s end with this easy to make Lucky Black Cat that can be used as a bookmark, hanging sachet talisman, or added as a decoration to a homemade Halloween wreath.  I’m sure you will come up with numerous ideas on how to use this cute little cat! 


If you are having problems copying my pattern you can visit my store at where for fifty cents, you can download the pattern.  I will also make previous patterns offered available there as well.

To make my dreaming animals and birds you will need:

A good pair of sharp scissors Felt or Fabric Perle Embroidery Thread (which is a little thicker than standard floss) Hot Glue Gun and Glue (if you choose to make this a quick project out of felt). Objects to put in the belly of the cat (good fortune petition, sigil, crystal, herbs, etc.) A tiny bit of polystuffing (optional)


I normally affix all pieces on the front of the cat along with any extra embellishments before I glue or stitch the front of the cat to the back.  I make the iris of the eyes by sewing several strands of perle embroidery thread across the felt eyeball.  This pattern is great for kids and they adore creating paper petitions of love and healing to put inside the kitty’s belly so that their feline friend carries good thoughts.  Don’t want your cat to be black?  No worries make a pink or purple one, or add stripes, and polka-dots!  It is your magick cat after all!


You can choose to cut body and tail as one piece, or you can cut them separately.  The photo above shows the one piece option.  I used quick stitching to delineate the body from the tail.

You can design your own Lucky Black Cat herbal formula or use our pre-made mix available in my WhisperMagick store.

We currently have 15 different herbal blends for your enchanting project needs, including SpiritNight (for Halloween/Samhain), Spiritual Cleansing, Prosperity, Protection and more!  These mixes are hand blended and blessed over our outdoor ritual fire.   If you would like to create your own formula — here is a great recipe for good fortune, taking risks, and embracing success!

Lucky Black Cat Formula Chamomile Bay Leaves Patchouli Sesame Seeds Allspice Nutmeg Ginger Honey (melt 9 drops of honey in 1/4 warm water, allow to cool, spray sweet water on herbal blend).

Once the blend is dry, use a small amount inside the cat, in sachets, dream pillows, etc.  You can also grind the blend into a magickal powder.

Like this formula?  You can find additional recipes in my recent book — The Witching Hour — also available in my store, at your favorite magickal shop, bookstore, or Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Spirit Animal project!  May love and joy surround you always! Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within! So be it!


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