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New Moon in Leo Friday 17 August

The relation of the phases of the Moon with it...

The relation of the phases of the Moon with its revolution around Earth. The sizes of Earth and Moon, and their distance you see here are far from real. On this image the followings are also depicted: the synchronous rotation of the Moon, the motion of the Earth around the common center of mass, the difference between the sidereal and synodical month (green mark), the Earth’s axial tilt. (Notice: at the moment of New Moon you never see anything but the bright Sun.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get those magickal tools out to rock n’ roll on Friday, 17 August 2012.  11:54 AM EDT, 8:54 AM PDT.  Here water (Moon) and fire (Sun) connect in a heart pounding way in the glorious sign of Leo!  This is a go-go-go new moon with a concentration on golden success, vivacious energy, and a forge ahead mentality (new moon).  Leo always says, “Do it in a BIG way!”  Reach into that field of potential and create precisely what you want.  As Leo is very loyal, and the Moon can be family oriented — workings on success for your family should go extremely well.  The Moon sextiles with Mars a little later on the same day — giving an opportunity vibration as well.    Main colors to work with (if you are not sure) — Gold, Yellow, or White with the addition of Orange and Red to catch that flow of opportunity.  If you have other ideas you would like to share with others, please, feel free to post.  Your words are welcome!

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