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Magickal Notes — Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury turns direct (depending on your time zone):

10:40 PM PDT on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 1:40 AM EDT on Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Normally, today (Monday) and most of the 7th, you would feel that “pregnant moment” as Mercury stations, and a bit of a drag on many activities.  However, depending upon your natal astrological chart and the sign the moon is currently visiting (Aries) with close conjunction to Uranus, this may not be your personal experience.  When Mercury swings direct, take a moment to think of yourself moving forward in the right direction for you, filled with joy and personal power.  I call this type of activity slingshot magick — a way to boost yourself forward.  Some individuals believe that Mercury is still somewhat impaired until it exits its storm, and that the implementation of new ideas should wait until the storm cycle is completed — that day would be 13 August.  Others feel that the storm has little or no influence.  Again, your natal chart and the current position of the other planets can dictate otherwise.  As a side note:  Venus enters the sign of Cancer on 7 August 2012.

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