Free Primitive Grunged Ornie Sheep Pattern (Addition #2 to original article) #silverravenwolf

Primitive Grunged Ornie Sheep in crochet basket by Silver RavenWolf

As I work through creating my line of magickal ornies, I’ve been posting my patterns for free.  This way, you and your family can find crafting joy without a price tag.  Here is the next pattern — a primitive sheep.  I used brads for eyes, felt for the ears, and finished each one with a bit of thick yarn.  Expect this pattern to take you a little longer because of painting with two colors.  For ease in coverage, I painted with the cream first on the main body, then painted the face and legs.

Every sheep takes on his or her own personality due to your painting lines and ear placement.

Sheep have quite a few positive correspondences in association with hearth and home.  The abundance of food, warm clothing, house and decorative textiles, family unity, and more.  To make them fit what you need in your home, add herbs that match your intent, then stitch up the ornament and empower.


Sheep Ornie Pattern by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Missed the original article and first addition?  Not a problem, click on the articles below.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within


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