Three Simple Magickal Prosperity Projects Using Dried Pumpkin Seeds

Three Simple Magickal Projects Using Dried Pumpkin Seeds

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

You’ve carved all those great pumpkins!  Don’t throw away the seeds — you can use them for three easy prosperity projects!  First, let’s dry and dress those seeds with my exclusive prosperity formula!

Done carving your pumpkin? Hey! The fun isn’t over yet!

Gather the following ingredients to “dress” the seeds for baking or drying:

Cinnamon Allspice Nutmeg Ground Cloves 1 tablespoon of Vanilla Extract if you know FOR SURE no one will eat the seeds by mistake — add cinquefoil

Supplies for magickal dressed pumpkin seeds — to use in oils, around candles or in conjuring bags.

Next, coat seeds with the above listed formula.  Time to dry them!  There are two easy ways — in your oven or using a food dehydrator.

If you choose to dry your seeds in the oven, turn them every 30 minutes to avoid scorching.

Once your dressed seeds are thoroughly dry, you are ready to make lots of great magickal projects!

This Prosperity Conjuring Bag uses Oak Moss, one Acorn gathered from the woods, one whole Nutmeg, orange peel, a quartz crystal, and your dressed pumpkin seeds. Copper wire helps to hold the magickal charge. The golden beads, ribbon, and jute add a decorative touch.  Feel free to add other prosperity herbs to your bag.

Dress your conjuring bag with this great magickal oil formula!

I used Jojoba carrier because it is safe, natural, and has a 100-year shelf life. Wrap the bottle with copper wire to increase the charge. A small crystal can also be placed into the bottle.

Enjoy candle burning?  Scatter dressed pumpkin seeds around the bottom of a green (money), gold (success), orange (opportunity), or red (fast money) candle.

On the new moon, write down a wish on a piece of paper. Be specific! Place the paper under your candle holder. Scatter dressed pumpkin seeds around the base of the candle, rub the candle with a bit of the prosperity oil — then — set the light!

Save the remainder of your pumpkin seeds for prosperity magicks throughout the year.  Your dried pumpkin seeds will last up to one year if you place them in an airtight container for storage.  If you need fast money wrap the highest denomination of paper bill that you have around three pumpkin seeds.  Secure the packet with copper wire or red thread.  Dress with your prosperity pumpkin seed oil.  Empower with a red candle.  Focus on prosperity and fast cash coming to you.  Add positive emotion to it!  Hold on to the packet until you receive what you need.  You can use the packet again, or you can unwrap it and give the original denomination bill to charity.  Need prosperity for the upcoming holiday season?  Scatter dressed pumpkin seeds on the front and back doorstep of your home, asking that the “winds of positive change” bring good fortune and luck to your family.

Do you have more ideas for your dressed pumpkin seeds?  Share them here!

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