Silver RavenWolf presents May 14 Healing Circle Pics

Water Offering with fresh herbs and flowers from the hearthstone.

Healing Circle began to the gentle sound of the spring rain at twilight, the soft scents of the woods permeating the ritual space.  Our holy water this week was infused with marigolds (for success), Lobelia (for protection), Rosemary (for healing), African Basil (for blending), Hyssop (for cleansing), and Peppermint (for success).

Cauldron Candle poured on the Scorpio Moon in preparation for our healing circle.

The cauldron candle, poured moments before the exact Full Scorpio Moon on Wednesday, consisted of all natural soy wax, bits of peppermint, sassafras, and cinnamon with Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance.  Our Mother Candle, burning in another area, was also poured on the Full Scorpio Moon — a mixture of sweet violet and patchouli with bits of patchouli herb and African Violet petals.

Together, we worked for approximately 150 requests — the blend of petitions from this blog, my FaceBook pages, Twitter #healingmagick, and local requests.  Thank you all who participated in a most magickal evening!

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