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Day 18 – Great Release Program – Tuesday – 18 December 2018 – Silver RavenWo

Day Eighteen- of 2018 Great Release Program – 18 December – Tuesday By Silver RavenWolf

During this time of year, emotional pain from loss, injury, or illness can overwhelm us.  Advertising of all types targeting the emotional heart-strings to get you to buy their product can often backfire, dragging you into a dark slump or place of constant, simmering anger.  You can be feeling just fine, and then suddenly your neck muscles tense, your shoulders cramp and feelings of anger rise to the surface.  If you aren’t careful, you might strike out at the closest person who has no idea why the heck you’ve become the Kraken, bitching about putting dishes out of the dishwasher away for God’s Sake!  Just once could someone else do it — taking everyone around you down to the bottom of the sea of despair.  In all actuality, even though you weren’t paying attention to the television, an ad on a missing puppy being found to get you to buy premium dog food or a blasted SUV you can’t afford reminded you that you lost your best friend in the world last month.

Yeah.  It can work like that.

Tuesday — Mars Planetary Ruler – a good day to cleanse the house with burning sage or dragons blood incense.

Your Challenge Today – Second Pass Day    

For my FB page today, I wrote:  2nd quarter moon moves into stable Taurus, where the earth holds firm for our projects!  Ruled by Venus, Taurus energy influence is a wonderful time to work for healing a broken heart or letting go of emotional pain.  Taurus is ruled by the angel Haniel, the Patron of Love.  Burn a white candle dressed with love oil or rolled in rose petals today.  Issues of self-worth and not being good enough may pop up today; but, with the Sun in Taurus, earthy creativity may help to boost your confidence.  That negativity you feel about yourself is an illusion – let the joyful breeze of love energy blow those dark clouds away!

The purpose of today’s challenge is to remove that residual sadness (whether we know we are carrying it or not) that may be dragging us down.  Feelings of low self-esteem, unhappiness at loss, etc.  I chose a Mars Day (Tuesday) – a day of action – and Taurus Moon, where we can seat sweet loving energy patterns that can last longer than a day targeted at embracing self-love.

This negative energy gets stuck in our belongings, furnishings, even in the paint of the walls.  Strong memories can be imprinted there and affect the tenants of a place for many years, even if they did not know the individuals that experienced the unfortunate, emotional event.  I believe that cleansing (energy and physical) our living environment and ourselves is vital for our good health and well-being.

Begin this day with a spiritual house cleaning – start at the center of the home, and work outwards in the direction you wish, using a rattle, bells, asperging blessing water, a lit white candle, incense or burning herbal blend – I carry all my items on a tray so that I can easily move from room to room.  Before you begin, open both the front and back doors of your living area.  Leave a window open in each room as you perform your cleansing.  Close the window when you leave the room.  Close the front door first when you are done with the rooms.  Sweep from the front door to the back.  Close the back door.  You might also want to dot all windowsills with clove oil OR simmer cloves on the stove in ½ cup of water. Simmer until ¼ cup of liquid remains.  Cool, strain, and use that liquid like you would the oil.  The oil or magickal reduction (do not eat) might stain clothing, wood or plastic, so test first.  A Magickal Reduction (not the same as the base of a fluid condenser because you do not add the gold) and not a philter (you don’t eat it)  if placed in the refrigerator will last about a week.  If you had 50/50 (half reduction half clear alcohol), it will last longer.  Magickal reductions for dressing candles, etc. can be made from other herbs and spices as well.

Move One Large Piece of Furniture – when folks are having a bad financial time, or they feel stuck in their job, relationship, or can’t heal quickly – I always recommend that they move one large piece of furniture that is blocking the chi of the home.  It may not be readily apparent that the energy isn’t moving smoothly because your furniture usually stays put for months if not years at a time.  By loosening the big items, cleaning where they were, and moving them elsewhere, great strides (no kidding) can be made.  Family health can improve dramatically, some folks experience a windfall of prosperity, others incredibly quick healing.  Try it!

I call this Second Pass Day because early in the program I talked about going through an area or a drawer several times, with gradual release actions each time until you are satisfied with the result.  I like to use a junk drawer as an example.  The first pass, you take everything out, clean the drawer and throw away obvious trash.  As you put everything back, you are handling the item(s) and considering its worth.  Some things are easy to toss…other objects, not so much.  Some things are easy to keep – new batteries for example.  You’ll be using those.  They are of value because they are fairly guaranteed to provide future energy.  Other items you keep out of distaste.  No kidding.  “I don’t like this bottle opener because it looks stupid and doesn’t work right; but, it is the only bottle opener I have, so I’m going to keep it.  I don’t have to look at it much, anyway.”  Because you vacillate on some items (and you may not even know why) you put those things back in the drawer, too, “I made need this some time,” you say to yourself.

My recommendation is to go back to that same drawer an hour later, a week later, or a month later and clear that space again.  Many items are easier to get rid of the second time around.   You’ve given your mind time to run the logic and settle.  I particularly like the week later plan because, in that week’s time, you may get a new and better bottle opener without going out of your way to do it.  Someone may give you one, you might see a super cute opener at the dollar store that falls at your feet (hey, stranger things have happened including that scenario), or you might find something better (a kitchen gadget that includes a bottle opener along with several other things – a kitchen multi-tool, etc.).

Some folks follow the rule:  If you don’t love it – If it doesn’t bring you love or enhance your well-being – trash it.

And then… there is that super emotional stuff.  Things that you are going to run across when you are working through this program that have pain and sadness, or unhappy memories attached to them.  I grow white sage every year in my garden and use the dried leaves in a monthly (or when I feel it is needed) cleansing activities.  When I run across something that pains me, I sage it completely, then make my decision on whether I want to keep the item.  For example, while cleaning that closet?  I had two boxes of old papers that I’d avoided going through for the last six years.  I cleansed the area of my emotional angst with sage smoke and did a rattle bath.  Looking at the boxes, which was still painful, I decided that I would condense the items into one box, which would require me to throw some of it away.  My hands lingered over the papers.

I sat back on my heels.  I really did not want to do this.  Maybe another time?  To make it easier, I dumped both cardboard boxes took them outside and burned them, then hopped in the car, zipped down to the dollar store and bought a plastic container.

New box.

New mind.

Back at the house, I did a cursory run-through.  I was able to get rid of one whole box.  Good.  I dumped the rest of the stuff in the plastic container.  Sealed it.  And tried to pick it up.


No worries.  I got this.

I lowered the attic stairs, hefted the box onto the rungs…


Can’t do it.

Too heavy to get it up that ladder by myself.

I could ask someone to help me (but nobody was around at the time) or… I could lighten the load of the box.

With grim determination – half that box went to the burn pile.


As I watched the flames brown and curl the paper, I felt so much better.

Just remember…to complete today’s main challenge you must throw or give away one physical item.

Tomorrow…is Underwear Day!!!!  Just for you Rita!  Just for you, lol!

My Progress:  I made this week’s batch of puppy cookies, and then I decided to make human cookies, too! For my fun project, I completed 25 holiday pinback buttons for one of my grandchildren’s school party — shown in today’s header photo.  And…speaking of photos!  We have more submissions!  If you would like to send me pics of your finished projects, zap them to:  I love reading your comments about your photos as well!  Thank you!

Merry Yule-Moose[9153].JPG


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.

  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar

  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up? If you forgot, try again tomorrow, no worries.  Have you found this part of the challenge difficult or easy?  Have you used your special symbol at other times of the day?  When?

  5. One 3-minute Dash – earn 1 star.

  6. Burn an empowered white candle surrounded by loving herbs – earn 1 star.

  7. 2nd Pass Day! – Spiritually cleanse the entire house. Move one large piece of furniture.  What did you leave at the beginning of the program that you feel you can let go of now? – earn 10 stars.

  8. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!

  9. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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