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Evil be Gone by Silver RavenWolf

Our world is an ever-changing environment.  Nothing is static.  Nothing remains the same.  But, when garbage is happening?  Feels like it will last forever, doesn’t it?  Why is it that fun times seem to be over faster than we can smile, and hard times seem to go on, and on, and on?

One of my go-to formulas for many years has been my Evil Be Gone! herbal blend.  Based on one of my favorite Braucherei chants the herb mixture and candle formula I developed has been most interesting — and often, when I use it, not only has the original intent been successful, but also people exit my life that I had no idea were carrying so much negativity within them.

“Evil Be Gone!  Do not return!  The horse has run off and the bridges are burned!”

I love this chant for “restless mind” – you know, when someone has been really nasty to you (and you know you didn’t deserve it).  Your mind goes over and over and over the conflict with no resolution because you feel bad.  I use the herbal blend and candles to remove my own negative thoughts about the hurtful behavior of others that have somehow impacted me.  I have also used (along with other methods) to banish illness and stuck behavioral patterns.

The focus chant “Evil Be Gone” is a bit of a puzzle to those not familiar.  A fun charm that when repeated, is thought to banish evil, negativity, and unfortunate circumstances.  The words “Evil Be Gone” and “Do Not Return” are clear enough statements.  “The horse has run off, and the bridges are burned” – not so much!  In this charm, the “horse” is whatever carries the negativity/evil to you.  If the vehicle has “run off” then it can’t carry unwanted energies to you any longer.  “The bridges are burned” indicates that the pathway/pipeline to you – that energy link – is destroyed.  The negative carrier, even if it could, can’t come back to you because the highway it uses/used is gone.

So, how is this evil stuff gone?

First, by your acknowledgment of non-acceptance of the person, behavior, circumstance, or situation that has caused you so much difficulty.  You have decided that you will no longer be compliant – and you mentally and emotionally invest yourself to change.  Now!

Second, your actions subsequent to the acknowledgment of non-acceptance – changing your phone number, moving, not frequenting a specific store, removing them from your FB page, etc. – whatever is necessary.

Third, by the use of a method, you choose to disengage the energies stuck to you.  This can be through asperging, smudging, and spiritual cleansing (water bath or rattle bath) or other release practice.  The third step should be done several times until you feel free.  Give yourself time.  Let go.

The Evil Be Gone Braucherei charm is to be said three times three – meaning nine times – on three different occasions.  You can say it nine times five minutes apart, or nine times morning, then noon, then twilight, or nine times today, then tomorrow, and finally nine times on the third day.  This all factors down to the magickal number of 27 which is based on the numerology enchantment of 9.


My “Evil Be Gone” Herbal blend includes:  Frankincense, Sandalwood, Vervain, Cloves, Horehound, Nettle, Black Lava Salt, Eggshell, Hot Peppers, Ginger, and Yarrow.  If you don’t want to put the blend together yourself, I have an Evil Be Gone Herb/Candle Combo available in my store (see lead picture).  The Hot Peppers are from my own garden, and the eggshell is ground and blessed here at the hearthstone.  I also developed a fun, pinback button as part of the kit.  This button can be used in your spellwork, ritual, or meditation — or just wear it on your coat or sweater, or pin to a conjure bag as shown above.  (

When to use this offering?  Any time!  Or, you can use it during a banishing moon, on the dark of the moon, at twilight, at midnight, when the moon is in Cancer (to protect the home) or the moon is in a fire sign (Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo), or on a Tuesday (Mars day).

Thank you for allowing me to share a moment with you!  

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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