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Mini Great Release Program for March 2020 Day One

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

by Silver RavenWolf

Many of us have been forced into a state of quarantine (either self-imposed or other) due to the Coronavirus imposition.  Since we are currently in a 4th qtr moon, what better time than to enjoy a Mini Great Release Program!  I look at it this way -- you are stuck at home, why not do something constructive with your time.  For the next 15 days, join me with Louisa Lolly -- our mascot, as we once again clear our space, which frees the mind, and welcomes good fortune into your living environment.

I originally made Louisa Lolly to match the quilt I have hanging in my hallway.  But, she was getting extremely bored...just sitting there...greeting the occasional family member or coven mate.  This morning she volunteered to be of service for the program.  I agreed.  Louisa Lolly is a marvelous familiar, knowing secret recipes that she wants to share!

Each day Louisa Lolly and I will give you a list of challenges.  As with all the other programs, you embrace success if you throw or give one thing away.  As you may be stuck at home, find an out-of-the-way place to stack that give-away stuff until you can throw it into the community service bin.

Today's Challenge -- Clear off your altar, clean it, and redecorate it.  Think about this time in your life.  What magickal part of "you" do you want to awaken?  What deities, spirits, saints, etc. do you feel a great connection to right now?  Place a symbol of one (or all of these) on your altar.

Louisa Lolly's Formula For Cleaning Your Altar-- Springwater (tap water will do), sliced lemons or oranges, sea salt (or table salt), and a sprig rosemary.  Don't have those things?  No worries.  Be Basic -- Water and salt.  Have essential oils in your magickal cabinet?  Choose one to consecrate and bless your altar.

Do You Need Healing Work?  I have created an FB Page for Healers and Healing.  Visit Whisper Magick Healing.  If the page is useful, I will see about turning it into a group of some kind.

Feel Free to Post Here -- Write your experiences right now.  Tell us how you are feeling.  What magick do you think will help yourself and others during this crisis?  How do you think this mini Release Program can help?  What would you like me to write about that you think will assist you?

Summary -- Possible Stars:  11

1. Throw or give one thing away today.  Give yourself one gold star.  When you reach 10 gold stars -- give yourself a present!

2. Clear off your altar.  Wash it down.  Consecrate and Bless.  Earn 10 Gold Stars

Until tomorrow Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within.

Silver RavenWolf

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