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Mercury Retrograde - How Will it Impact You?

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces February 2020 -- What Does It Mean For You? by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2020

Intuitive Alignment and Spiritual Awareness – Where Spiritual Enlightenment Moves Into Humanitarian Changes

Mercury enters its storm on Thursday, 13 February. Mercury retrogrades on Sunday, 16 February. Mercury falls back into Aquarius on Thursday, 5 March. Mercury turns direct on Monday, 9 March. Mercury leaves its storm on Thursday, 19 March - Ostera - Spring Equinox

In 2020, Mercury retrogrades in the water signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Two of these retrogrades also capture the Air energies of Aquarius (February/March cycle) and Libra (October/November cycle). Typically, a Mercury retrograde is a time to review, re-tool, and make plans to revamp. In February, Mercury is lighting up the correspondences it rules as well as those of Pisces and Aquarius giving you a chance to do some evaluation and provides ideas for directional change if you don't like what you are seeing.

You will most likely find yourself more contemplative and desiring to sync with nature, water, and the flow of positivity. It is okay to do that! If you start feeling inundated, impatient or irritated that what you desire isn’t moving fast enough – this really is a signal that you need to adjust your perception – change state (in your mind) – breathe deep, ground and center. Hold your hands under running water to bring yourself back into alignment.

How to Handle The Retrograde:

In general, it is believed that your choices and real movement on projects should be done after Mercury leaves it storm (which would be the 19 of March) -- then, you can throw your throttle into full speed ahead. During Mercury retrograde, drag out those musty projects and give them another go. Basic rule: Don't do anything new (that could cost you big time later). However, there are exceptions. For example, let’s say you always wanted to try something; but, never had the time or resources to do it – and now you do! Since this is a topic you have revisited numerous times, it just may be time to welcome the new experience.

How to surf through the retrograde? I like making conjure bags that contain Mercury related herbs along with a piece of silver and protective symbols written on parchment. Quick, easy, you can prepare and empower your work in a short time. Carry the bag with you throughout the retrograde period. Spirit Animals associated with air, flying, etc. such as birds, dragons, etc., are great to make. I also use snakes – they are super simple to glue and stitch and you can make them colorful and fun! I also burn Mercury Retrograde candles, a blend of Lemon, Lavender, Orange, and Honeysuckle with crystals and amethyst (power and focus). The top of my candle is the Lavender/Lemon to banish negativity and bring peace, where the bottom of the candle is my Road Opener Formula – Honeysuckle and Orange with Road Opener magickal powder.

Spirits of Mercury Herbal Blend (or Powder) Formula Here is the following Herbal formula I use:

Anise Hyssop (raised in my garden) Star Anise Clover Lavender Dill Thyme Bergamot Horehound Peppermint Lemon Verbena (raised in my garden) and Licorice Root to bind (Water, Venus).

This is a unique blend because clover and mint are also considered Air (Aquarius) and Licorice Root (Pisces) is attuned to water. Pisces / Aquarius Energy

The February cycle begins in Pisces, gradually moving back to the last week sign change into Aquarius. Over the retrogradation period, you may see some opportunities for review in the Pisces/Aquarius related list below. The theme this retrograde is: Intuitive Alignment and Spiritual Awareness – Where Spiritual Enlightenment Moves Into Humanitarian Changes

Aches Ankles Breaking Out Complexion Coughs Divination Enlightenment Face (The) and Hair Institutions Intuition Honesty Homes near Water Hospitals Hidden (Things) Large Animals Lost (Things) Legs Merchants Old Age Pardon Peace Psychological Health Rehabilitation Redemption Roof Ships Water and Waterways Wells Winds In your own natal chart -- the house that Pisces rules. In your own natal chart – the house that Aquarius rules. If you have Pisces Sun Sign (Moon Sign, Rising Sign) Friends or Family Members. And at the end of the cycle – Aquarius.

Now that we looked at our Pisces/Aquarius list, let's see what's on our Mercury rulership list -- these are some of the categories that Mercury typically orchestrates:

Absentmindedness Accountants Acoustics Active things and people Advertising Agents Animals Architects Arguments Artists Attorneys Asthma Authors Bicycles Birds Bisexuality Books Brain functions Broadcasting Buyers and Sellers Checks Clerks Classmates Communication Computers Contemplation Correspondence Deeds Diet Diseases Ears Educators Employees Explanations Facts Fingers Forgery Gossip Groceries Harvests Ideas Ingenuity Inspectors Interviews Investigators Journalists Knowledge Lawyers Letters Listening Logic Masseurs Mathematics Memory Mentors Money Nerves and specialists News Offices Paper Photography Post Office Printing Professors Publishing Radio and television Relatives Reports Rumors Schools Service type jobs Stations (railway and bus) Stores Teachers Tellers Testimony Throat Trading Traffic Trains Transportation in general Understanding Vehicles in general Visitors Weather Wheels Words Writers Young People

Okay, and that's just the short list. Now do you know why just about everything seems to go crazy during a Mercury retrograde?

The Cycles of Mercury – The Big Picture of the Mercury Retrograde

Pisces energy is all about seeing the big picture – to be able to disentangle yourself from the minutiae and float above the maelstrom of everyone else’s shit to see the overall energy pattern of what is really happening. When people think that Pisces energy is dizzy or flaky, they don’t realize that the Pisces born live in a different world –a perception of divinity, connection to all that is, and inherent ability to move the mind between the seen and unseen. Do you love research? It is interesting to know that Mercury retrogrades have a cycle (give or take 79 years) in which the retrogrades have an exactness of covering the same signs, the same degrees on approximately the same calendar days in the past. The Mercury retrograde we will experience in February 2020 corresponds to 17 February 1941. If you are into history, why not Google the highlights of 1941!*

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this bit of astro info and find it useful during the next three weeks!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


End Comments and Information:

For more information on Rulerships (if this info has charged up your interest) you might try these two books:

The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills, published by the American Federation of Astrologers.

The Book of Rulerships -- Keywords from Classical Astrology, by Dr. J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D., published by the Whitford Press.

*The chart where Mercury retrograde cycles can be found is at:

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