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Great Release Challenge — Day 19 — Wednesday!


Winter Solstice is Friday, 21 December, when the Sun enters Capricorn at 6:12 AM EST or 3:12 AM PST.  The 2nd Quarter Moon will be in Aries.

Today’s Challenge involves going through your CD’s, DVD’s, Tapes, and Computer Software.  You may have some, none, or a whole heck of a lot.  Listen to music that inspires you while you sort or put on one of your favorite movies.  If you are short on cash, you might try taking the DVD’s and games to a store that will give you cash or a trade for them.  You can also give away what no longer interests you.  This summer, before the move I sold half of my DVD collection and gave away almost all my VCR tapes to different individuals who I knew would enjoy them.  Some of the DVD’s went to a flea market seller, some I sold on Ebay, and my daughter-in-law took the remainder to a shop that trades movies for cash.  Of the three selling venues, I received better value for my DVD’s through the shop.

The other day I replied to a post that mentioned how much a family member hated the holiday season because of the monetary difficulties they were experiencing.  I can so relate to that.  Over the years, raising four children, taking care of my father…hardship was not unfamiliar.  I replied that I finally woke up and realized that it is the memories you make, not the money you spend, that can provide a strong, supportive memory that your family, friends, and children will keep in their hearts later on in life.  I bring this up now, because when the VCR first hit the market and you could actually buy movies, this was a big thing in our family.  Every Yule my husband and I would look for a special movie that we thought our children would enjoy.  We would have a movie night, complete with popcorn, drinks, candy, pizza, and assorted munchies.  One of the “big” movies was Roger Rabbit.  The other night, one of the television stations aired it while my daughter was here with her daughter.  “I so remember movie night at Yule,” my daughter said as she eagerly sat down in front of the television holding her daughter in her lap.  “It was so special.”

If you make a positive memory, then you have reached the alchemist’s dream of unlimited gold.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow:  Your Bedroom!


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Challenge associated with cleaning, clearing and arranging CD’s, DVD’s, and Computer Software.

(3)   If you can, add your Speed Cleaning Activity

(4)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Give yourself One Gold Star if you remembered to do your morning ritual.  Two gold stars if you completed today’s challenge of cleaning and sorting your DVD’s, Tapes, CD’s or computer software.  Three gold stars if you worked on a mental/spiritual technique to create peace in your life.  Four gold stars if you did something from your Wish List.  Five gold stars if you squeezed in a speed cleaning challenge!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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