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After the Great Release Program — Week One


After the Great Release Challenge – Week One

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

For me, the day after the new year always brings a sigh of relief.  The whirlwind schedule of activities, dinners, parties…done!  Our Great Release Challenge?  Done!  I sat on the front porch, a cold eye on the thermometer – the temps in the twenties.  Definitely a bit on the bitter side.

Sipping my coffee, I thought about what I should be doing next, while at the same time reviewing the last thirty days.  My mind wandered over how thoughts truly become reality, and how, once again, one should be mindful of what one thinks and what one says aloud.  This year, I stressed the Sea of Potential that exists around us, and how by purposefully utilizing that power you can manifest what you need.  By practicing the exercise given in the program each day, you learned just how amazing life can be by utilizing this knowledge.  The exercise takes you to the door of your personal power and opens it – showing you that the reality you desire can and will unfold.

As with all things of the mind, learning first that you really do have control and then understanding how that power applies to your own life can be…interesting. Many people have a taste of the knowledge, and then quickly walk away.  “Oh no!” they say, “I am in no way responsible for that event!  It was circumstance, coincidence, or the result of someone else’s actions.  Magick is not that easy.  It simply can’t be.”

But, it is.

As I have often mentioned, as I write the Great Release Program each year, I also do it.  That means that when I write about cleaning the bathroom, or organizing shelving, or clearing out the shed – I’m doing it at the same time.  This way, I have an idea about how much I can get done in one day, and what can happen to distract you from a task.  I observe the way my family reacts to different challenges, and whether or not they want to jump on board with the program, when they get bored and want to give up, or what kind of resistance or acceptance I receive.  By the time the program is done, everything suggested, I’ve done right along with you.

Except this year.

Don’t panic.  It was only one day.  And it did get done.  In a very strange way.

At the beginning of the program I sat down on that same front porch with my coffee, and said to myself, “This year I don’t want to be so stressed while writing the program.  I want plenty of time each day to write with focus.  I know I need to get the blog entries up the day before because I have people all over the world doing the program, which means there is a big time variation between my time and their time.  What I want most of all this year is peace and quiet while I work on the program.”


On Day Four of the program, I finished my blog entry, left the house, and motored into town.  I’d promised my son I’d mail a package to him and I needed to do a few other errands.  As I left the post office, I vacillated on going to get gas, or going to pick up my granddaughter for her karate lesson.  Although I had enough gas to get where I needed to go, the weather report hadn’t been favorable and I didn’t want to be in traffic in bad conditions and run out of gas.  I decided to go to the pump first, mussing to myself that cleaning your vehicle was one of our program topics during the month and how on that day I would be really busy cleaning up my car.  You know how those thoughts zoom through your mind, you acknowledge them, and then your brain skips to the next track.


I pull into the parking lot.  I see pump number nine is open.  I drive forward toward the pump and BOOM!  What the?  I blinked.  Several times.  A guy leaning against a Ford F-350 at pump number eight started walking toward my car.  “Hey, Lady!  Are you okay?”

I blinked again.  My brain said – What the hell just happened?  My mouth said, “I think I’m fine.”

I looked to my right, only to discover that a young lady had plowed into the passenger side of my car.

You gotta be kidding me.

She’s outside of her vehicle, prancing around like a reindeer, wailing about her fate, am I okay? And how this wasn’t her car, she’d borrowed it because she blew out the tire on her own car this morning.

I wanted to say, “Perhaps the universe was trying to tell you to stay the hell home, you dumb ****”.  But, I didn’t.  Instead, I said, “I’m fine.  It will be okay.”

Argh in a handbasket, you know?

Shaking head.  Many, many times.

December is not the best time to have car repairs completed.  Snow storms delay parts, parties delay workers, and so, throughout the entire month of December, I had lots and lots of time to finish my program.  The Witch in the Woods without wheels stays in the woods, writing, cleaning, and cooking.

I didn’t mention the accident during the program on purpose.  I decided to let the entire incident play out, and see what became of it.  Eventually, right before the first of the year, I got my car back, in mint condition, and detailed.  That’s right.  The car repair shop felt so bad for taking so long, they cleaned my car inside and out, and it looks brand new.  I didn’t miss the vehicle challenge day, it was just a little late getting it completed – by someone else.

Once again I was reminded about the power of our thoughts – about how you fix your fate with what you think, and the choices you make.  Although the situation was highly irritating, I wasn’t hurt and I didn’t think of it as this awful, terrible thing.  I knew darned well what thoughts I’d put into the sea of potential, and what I got back.  Taking responsibility for what you think, even though it pisses you off at yourself, is the first step in understanding the vast power that surges around you every single day, every single moment.

So, this morning, while I’m contemplating what I want to do next, I’m reminded to channel my thoughts wisely.  I’m going to spend the day finishing leftover projects from December and make some Dragons Blood candles to help me move forward.

And I’m going to remember to be mindful of what I think and what I say aloud.

Yes indeed! How about you?

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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