How to Make a Recovery Bundle

Take the time to recover — use your creativity.

How to Make a Recovery Bundle by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Every year the great release program teaches me something new, or makes me look at life from a different perspective.  This year I realized just how important the cycle of recovery can be, and how we need to take the time and allow the recovery process to gently flow through our daily activities.  If we try to rush it, then it is highly likely we’ll stumble, fall, and have to start the process all over again.

Many of us realize the importance of recovery time when we talk about surgery or long-term illness; but, for other issues or shorter illnesses, we can be impatient, push too hard too soon because we’re starting to feel good, and wouldn’t you know it — we’re back feeling lousy again, or worse in no time at all.  With a cold or flu, we say to ourselves, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know” and at least recognize we did too much too quickly, yet we motor on because that’s over now.  Oddly enough, on other issues, we don’t think of the recovery process at all, and if we do, we just give it a cursory nod.

Recovery is an amazing cycle all in itself, that heals the body, mind, and spirit.  Rather than trying to ignore it or rush it, take a step back, and enjoy the fallow time.  Indeed, it may look frozen from the outside; but inside?  The new you is in the gestation process.  Some magickal healers believe that the more severe the illness or problem, the more spiritual and harmonious you will become, particularly if you take the time to honor the recovery process itself.

Recovery isn’t just about sickness.  You can be recovering from financial hardship, from the loss of a loved one (whether in death or they move away), from a terrible court case (like a major battle over child custody), from a move of house, change or loss of job, etc.  There is even a recovery process in happy events — holidays, traveling, birth, finishing a big project, and vacations (we’ve all heard that one — I need a vacation from my vacation) — anything that required a high level of energy and focus — down time is needed so that you can more fully enjoy that which the future has to bring.

There is no timing on recovery.  One issue may leave you feeling blue, irritated, or sluggish for weeks or months, where another situation may take only a day or two until you bounce back.  Ask yourself the following questions when things don’t seem to be going your way:

1.  Am I recovering from something?  Only you know. 2.  I should be feeling joyous about this or that — how come I don’t? 3.  Do things that normally make me feel happy now appear to be lackluster? 4.  Am I tired or disinterested a great deal of the time?

Yes, you should be going to see a doctor if you think your feelings are an indicator of sickness or illness; but, if you’ve done that and still feel blue — maybe you are not giving yourself the right amount of time for yourself to heal.   Maybe you are not embracing the recovery process.  Why not try it!

Choose today to celebrate your recovery!  Acknowledge that you need time to grow.  Observe this time with peace in your heart.  Search for joy.  Talk to the universe about how grateful you are that you have this time to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Think of an activity that you would like to do that honors your recovery.  What do you already have that may facilitate the process?  I decided to make candles and wax melts (something I haven’t done for awhile) and create a recovery bundle out of felt.  Creating with spiritual intention, for me, was a perfect way to honor my recovery.

For the recovery candles, I chose lemongrass fragrance and lemongrass from my garden.  I blended lavender fragrance for a more uplifting scent.  I chose purple dye.  During the brewing process I recited the Braucherei Morning Ritual, and then sung the names of the Goddesses while pouring the candles.

A magickal bundle can be made out of anything.  The bundle celebrates the purpose and acts as an attraction vehicle.  I made the one shown, out of felt.  Here are a set of pics that outline the process.  When completed, put something very special to yourself (or the person you are making it for) in the bundle, along with herbs, trinkets, charms, spices, etc.  Recover bundles can be burned when you are done using them, or they can be cleaned out, re-empowered, and used again.

I traced a pattern for the bundle on plain piece of white paper using a plate as a guide.

Your bundle can be made out of a variety of materials or colors. I used a turquoise to remind me of the sea of potential.

Pin the pattern to the material and cut out your circle.

For this bundle, I did not choose an inside lining as I wanted to keep the bundle from being to bulky. I then choose what beads or embellishments that I felt lent themselves to the theme. Orange is an odd color; but, it felt right. In making healing items I’ve learned to “go with your gut”.

For this bundle I did a blanket stitch around the edges to keep the felt from fraying and added orange beads. I then cut out felt pieces that spoke to me of recovery and transformation — all free hand — let your creative power go!

To give the bundle tactile depth, I put a small amount of stuffing in each purple shape.

So that you can easily close the bundle, I punched holes in the felt and ran a ribbon through, securing the ribbon with a wooden button.

When the bundle is closed, it looks like this. Now I’ll add herbs, charms, or spices, perhaps a feather. What you put into the bundle is entirely up to you.

When the bundle is open, it looks like this.

Finished bundle and candles.

How do you know when the recovery process is almost complete?  The universe will let you know.  One or two opportunities will unfold.  You’ll be led in the direction of healthy living by events, situations, circumstances, family or friends.  For example, the first batch of recovery candles I made flew out the door in less than 24 hours.  No, I didn’t make any money off of them, rather, it was unexpected friends and family members that came to visit — each with a situation where recovery, and allowing it, was their focus.  I tuned to the kitchen table each time and said, “Well!  I just happen to have something that you may find helpful.”

Gotta love the universe.

What will you do for your recovery process?

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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