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Great Release Challenge 2012 — Day 23 — Sunday!


Great Release Challenge – 23 — Sunday by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

One of the many benefits of the Release Challenge Program comes in the form of creating good habits that you will use in the future.  By focusing for thirty days on cleaning, clearing, de-cluttering, sharing, donating, trashing… we re-create our world to work for us, rather than us working for it.  In the future, you may find it easier to part with stuff.  You might find that you enjoy sharing your things with others, and you may consider letting something go much faster than easier than before.  Or, you may find that the program leaves you with habits that cover-your-butt on more than one occasion.  For example, today’s challenge – Your Computer, which includes the internet, computer maintenance, files, and your desk or work area.

The first year I did the release program I got into the habit of backing up all my files on a regular basis.  Not only that, as I was working on a book, a piece of art work, the blog, etc. I began making CD and temporary thumb drive copies of the work each day.  I kept all my software in one plastic container (which has served me well more than once).  The Black Forest also began a clan-wide archive, wherein all our work (rituals, photos, videos, lessons, newsletters, documentation, etc.) is archived in a central location that also has more than one back-up copy.  No matter what happens to me, or any other member, none of our material is lost.  I did not want what has happened to other craft writers and practitioners (Lady Hexie, Lady Phoebe, Dr. Santee to name a few) to befall us – they became old, senile, and their work was lost, or stolen – even torched.  With this in mind, I also distributed a complete copy of all my research material on Pow-Wow/Braucherei to two different BFC members this past year, and I have made arrangements for copies to be filed with three local historical societies, so that no matter what…the community will have access to it.

Which is a good thing, because computers aren’t impenetrable tanks – and when I got that critical error – your hard drive is corrupted and you are up shit creek – I was okay with it.  Yes, it was going to cost me money to replace the drive; but, realistically, I’d lost nothing important.  If I hadn’t taught myself good habits in the release program I’d have been screaming bloody murder.  Instead of a disaster?  Just a glitch.  Move on.

When you are finished, your work area should be clean and clutter free, all computer files backed up, all disks labeled and put away, a defrag done on your computer and junk hanging on your computer that you meant to take off?  Gone.

Finish this physical process today with a mental/spiritual one – cleanse, bless and empower your workspace.  Let the light of Spirit shine through your work.  Then, get on the net and bow out of anything that is not serving you well.  If your purpose and your goal, is spirituality, love, compassion, happiness, joy…what on earth are you doing in a chat room, list-serve, board, Facebook/MySpace area that does not support your spiritual intentions?  Are you allowing yourself to be bullied?  You know, the net is a wonderful thing – except for the plethora of creeps who are on it.  People who verbally vomit, bitch, lie, cheat, steal, etc., to make themselves feel better.  It often reminds me of a child’s playground, where anything goes because people think they won’t get caught, or don’t have to stand in front of your face, where their only courage is in a keyboard.

Baby?  Move on.  They ain’t worth your time.


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Computer and Workspace Challenges.

(3)   Throw in a speed cleaning exercise.

(4)   Don’t forget to do your Sea of Potential Exercise!

(5)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrow:  Pots n’ Pans and Kitchen Magick

Give yourself One Gold Star if you remembered to do your morning ritual.  Two gold stars if you completed today’s challenge of taking care of your computer.  Three gold stars if you did a speed cleaning exercise.  Four gold stars if you finished your mental/spiritual challenge.  Five gold stars if you did something from your Wish List.  Six gold stars if you did something nice for someone today (without being prompted).  Seven Gold Stars if you continue to use your Sea of Potential exercise!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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