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Day 7 – Great Release Program – 7 December 2018 – Silver RavenWolf

Day Seven of 2018 Great Release Program – 7 December – Friday By Silver RavenWolf


Silver RavenWolf’s House Gnomes — Gnome on the right is a Yule Tree Ornament — Gnome on the left is a brooch/lapel pin.

Daily Brew — The Stars and You:  Yesterday we talked about the astrological energies that are available today as you work through the program.  New Moon Sagittarius energy gives a wonderful boost to your work.  Although I don’t often embrace some of the more negative connotations of planetary energy patterns, I do pay attention to the baser pitfalls.  For example, today through the 16 of December, be wary of con-artists, liars, and those who wish to steal what you have worked so hard to earn.  Logically, this type of behavior is more prevalent and more obvious during the holiday season and you would be wary anyway; however, there is a fixed star or two in the mix lending a bit of added oomph to dastardly deeds.  Forewarned is forearmed.  That said – today we want to make our Happy House Gnome in sync with the new moon energy!

New Moon in Sagittarius – Fire Element – Mutable Friday – Venus Day — Ruled by Venus 

Your Challenge Today – The Laundry Area – whether you take your clothes to the laundromat, lug them downstairs to the basement, or chuck them in the laundry room – everybody has to deal in some way with cleaning their clothes.  Or, you could be like a teenager that I once knew and instead of washing her clothes, she just continually stuffed them under her bed and in the back of her closet.  Wash underwear?  Never!  She just bought new ones.  Eventually, the stinky mounds in multiple places had to be dealt with (and it wasn’t pretty).  Before you begin, examine the process that you use to clean and transport your clothes.  Is there something you could change that would streamline the process?  The laundry area can be hard to keep clean with those soap drips or powders collecting dust and yuck.  Wash down the tops and fronts of the machines.  Clean the inside.  Remove any mold or mildew.  Rearrange the area for ease in doing the work.   I keep a tin of powdered basil by the washing machine.  I add a ¼ teaspoon to each laundry load to banish negative energy that clings to the clothes.

Several years ago I had to replace a washer.  When the fellows brought the front loader machine to the basement no one paid attention to which way the door opened.  After they left, I realized that the doors on the washer and dryer hit each other if you opened them both at the same time.  You had to back up and stretch over to move clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I worked with this for a year and then said to myself, “This is stupid”, and changed the arrangement.

So, your second challenge today – CHALLENGE #2 – is…what have you putting up with for a year (or six months, or three months) that is totally stupid?

Change it.  Fix it.  Remove it.  Make it go away.  You know what to do.

If this isn’t possible today, just follow the primary rule: Throw one thing out.  This is day 7, so you can give away in lieu of throwing out.

Week 2 Goal:  Today we set a new weekly goal.  If you didn’t finish last week’s goal – that’s okay, you can continue through with it this week, or you can choose a new goal.  If you completed the Week One Goal – give yourself 10 stars.  Burn the paper on which you wrote the goal.  Let the cold ashes go outside.

My Experience:  I had to rearrange the living room to put up the Yule tree and my mismatch train set.  I love trains and have always associated them with the holidays.  When I was a little girl, my father religiously made a great effort to secure together a piece of plywood on two sawhorses.  This monstrosity, covered with a green tablecloth was positioned in the living room to accommodate the train with the holiday tree in the center.  One unfortunate year my mother put her foot down and said that because we had the train and all the little village people, we couldn’t put our gifts around the tree.  After that, the train was relegated to another room in the house during the holiday season, the cat continuously carried off my people, and the festivities never quite felt the same.

The train, to me, brings back good memories (on the whole as nothing is ever perfect) and my family thinks I am insane because I put up a $19.99 plastic train (says that on the box) with out-of-perspective people, buildings, and animals.  Every year I add a new piece.  This year it was an ice cream truck from Michaels’ craft store.  Last year I found a light-up metal barn after the holiday season marked down from fifty bucks to five.  Mine.

I think I am insistent on creating this holiday fantasy because I was not given a choice on the fate of my train all those years ago.  A small thing, really.  Of no great consequence to anyone and the decision certainly did not seal a single soul’s fate!  However, I had no vote on the removal of this beloved family tradition.  If I think back, I can vividly recall the smell of the electric train as it whirled around that fragrant, fresh cut holiday tree!  To me, the aromas and sights translated into wonderment and magick.

Today, I still love turning all the lights out in the room and watching the village come alight and hearing the train rattle around the track.  It is as if the magick of the holidays truly comes alive for me.  This morning when I entered the darkened living room, I realized that I had forgotten to turn out the lights in the village before I went to bed.  I smiled and felt pleasure in that pre-dawn hour as I looked at the plastic stagecoach, the cowboys charging forward on their steeds, the battered amusement park with the trusty fortune teller, and the 18th-century English-type buildings all in a neat circle around a little yule tree.

And…what?  Someone put the reindeer on the roof of the country store and a duck in the fire tower!  Now, who did that?! Lol

Our feelings coupled with an event create form into the pattern of a memory.  Some memories sparkle with several patterns entwined, where others are singular — a spark of light or a flash of dark.

What memory would you like to release today?  Feel it.  Breathe it out.  Let it go.

What memory would you like to keep?  One that is so beautiful it is worth sharing.  Share it here, with us, if you like.  We welcome the positive energy of your path.

Enchanted Gnome – A house is not a home without a gnome.

I promised that I would give you the pattern to the Enchanted Gnome (you can change him to Healing Gnome, Protection Gnome – doesn’t matter).  I designed him for felt or paper.  You can glue or sew the pieces together.  Super sharp scissors work best for cutting felt and I’ve found that the best adhesive is the use of a glue gun.  What makes your Gnome unique are the items you stuff inside his body.  They are associated with the energy-type you wish to design.  You can enlarge or reduce the pattern as you see fit.  I created both a holiday ornament (larger) and lapel pin (smaller) as shown in the photo at the beginning of this blog.  If you have problems copying the pattern from here, I will put him in my store as an inexpensive download.  I embellished my gnomes with buttons, sequins, bells, beads, and glue-on plastic pieces (candy cane and peppermint).


I began creating easy to construct felt creatures that anyone can put together because several folks said they had no talent for such things.  That they couldn’t sew, or draw, or whatever. By making the designs super easy, everyone can enjoy making them!  Enchanted Gnome is one of my Dreaming Series creatures.  You will find others on this blog if you look back in the archives.

For my gnomes, I added a small amount of stuffing under the nose and a bit in the belly.  I won’t be giving you a magickal formula this time for inclusion in the Gnome as you will be taking a Spirit Walk and collecting little bits to add inside the body of the Gnome.  Before you leave the house, have an open mindset that what you need, you will find, and state your intent specifically.  For example: “I want to find things that will enhance/support a Healing Gnome I am making so that my friend, Alicia, will get better quickly.”  Or “Today on my walk I will find things that will enhance/support the good fortune energy that I want to draw into my home.  These things are small, so they can fit inside my Gnome.”

I have several magickal creation methods that I use when fashioning projects like the Gnome.  Today’s project is a simple, but effective example.  Before I begin crafting any enchanted animal or person, I bless all my supplies with incense or sage smoke, empowered water, and the light of a flame.  You can use any type of cleansing that you like – bells, singing bowls, drumming – choose what makes you vibrate with joy.  While I create, I often chant something positive, usually about the specific intent.  I always include a paper or cloth sigil that corresponds to the meaning of my project.  I call this the “come alive charm”.  I dress the charm with magickal oil and Universal Fluid Condenser (see my book The Witching Hour if you want instructions for my condenser formulas). When I am finished, before I close up the animal/person, breathe into the project 3 times, then whisper its intent 3 times.  I follow this by lighting a match and quickly stuffing the fire into the body.  No, it doesn’t catch fire because I squeeze the project quickly to outen the flame. (Yes, I know, my Pennsylvania Dutch is showing).

If you are making a Good Fortune Gnome, bury him for 3 days in a jar of peppermint candies.  Birth him at dawn on the 4th day.  I always give him an offering of beer once a week during the holiday season. (Place a small glass of beer in front of the Gnome for 24-hours.  Remove the beer and pour it outside on the ground giving thanks to your good fortune.)

That’s it for today’s post.  A little reminiscing, a little art, a lot of fun!  See you again tomorrow!


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.

  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar

  4. Do one 3-Minute Dash – earn one gold star.

  5. Do one 5-Minute Dust Buster – earn one gold star.

  6. Set a new weekly goal — earn 2 stars

  7. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up? If you forgot, try again tomorrow, no worries.

  8. Clean the laundry area or reorganize how you transport your laundry. 2 stars

  9. Do your New Moon Ritual that you designed yesterday. – earn 5 stars

  10. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review – keep an eye on those messy areas.

  11. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

  12. Challenge #2 – Change/remove something that you have been putting up with — earn 5 stars

  13. Make your Enchanted Gnome (you can do this today, or over this coming weekend). – whoopee! earn 10 stars!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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