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Day 61 -- Stop Gossip and Remove Negativity by Silver RavenWolf

During the summer months, place Begonias at the front door to keep negativity from entering the home and stop jealous neighbors from flapping their gums about you!  The Begonia also encourages intuition and psychism.

Pennsylvania Folk Magick is my passion -- Braucherei? (also locally called Pow-Wow) -- I could talk for hours!  Perhaps it is because it recalls a time when I was very little and enjoyed visits to the farms of friends and relatives.  Or maybe because it is a practical system of living, of always having what you need because you used what you had.  Red or blue thread.  Brown paper.  Quilting designs to draw harmony to the family.  Eggs.  String.  Stone.  Magick in every bone, flower, and animal.  The Moon in the signs, barn paintings, and herbal remedies -- who would have thought that such simple things packed such amazing power!

Here is a great working to stop gossip as well as remove negativity from a person.   As some of us are still under quarantine and many are continuing to practice social distancing -- this spell has been revised to use a photograph of the person who is experiencing the negativity.  For a working surface, you can employ your altar, a slab of stone, candle board, or a magick table (small table where you only do enchantments such as candle burning, etc. -- but, is not a full-fledged altar).

You will need to paint a knife (any kind) red, and from now on, you can use it for the same spell, or to "cut" negativity from the aura of an individual.  Paint or empower the knife on a Tuesday (Mars Day), when the Moon is in Aries, in a Mars hour, or when Mars is well-aspected.  You will also need a loaf of bread and a thick cutting board.  If you love candle burning, you can add a red candle to the process.

State the intent of the working.  For example:  "Removing negativity from around Cindy Pottsmeier."  Or, "Stop gossip aimed at Cindy Pottsmeier and her family."  And if you REALLY want to get into this spell, bake a loaf of bread with red food coloring (although this is not necessary).

Place the picture of the individual in the center of your flat surface (not on the cutting board).  Put the bread on the cutting board next to the photo.  As you begin chanting the spell, draw a circle in the air with the red knife over the photograph three times.  However, sometimes your gut will tell you to keep going with this movement.  My suggestion is to listen to your intuition.  The knife action is to cut all negativity from the "victim".  Use your intuition as to whether you should move the knife clockwise or counterclockwise.  What feels "right"?

You will say the following chant 3 times, starting with a whisper and then (if you are in private) elevating your voice with meaning and intent.  I have a tendency to do the "booming" thang at the end -- but, you don't have to as long as your voice "means business!"  You can also continue to whisper -- totally up to you.

Begin the chant by saying the individual's name who is to be "cleared" three times, followed by:

(Individual's name) strolled through a red forest And in the red forest there was a red barn In the red barn there was a red table, surrounded by red straw. On the red table lay a red knife Beside the red knife was a loaf of red bread Cut the red bread The evil attached to (individual's name) is dead. Say dead! So be it!

Take your time and visualize each portion of this working.  See the red barn in your mind.  See the red table.  See the red straw, etc. 

On the third rendition of the charm, on the line "the evil attached..." OR on the line "say dead" (preference here), bring the knife forcefully down, and stab the bread.  This is why the bread needs to be on the cutting board!  Take the bread to your compost pile or throw the bread in the trash.  I wouldn't feed it directly to any animals because of the negativity that may be in it.  Insert the blade of the knife into a can of salt, then shake it off to cleanse it.

To protect the individual now that you have removed the negativity, you will need a 5 inch by 5-inch scrap of brown paper, a pen, blue thread, and any of the following herbs, seeds, or flowers:

Begonia flowers or leaves, Lobelia, Slippery Elm, Pumpkin Seeds, Vetiver, or Cloves.  Some of these items are easy to acquire in the summer such as the Begonia, Vetiver, and Lobelia, where Pumpkin seeds could be August through October, etc.  

Write your intent on the paper:  "All gossip, slander, or libel against (person's name) will slip right off him/her/them and not return again!"  Butter the piece of paper on the inside, right over what you wrote.  Sprinkle the herbs in the center.  Blow on the herbs three times and tell them to awaken for your intent (be specific).  Fold the paper, corners into the center, then fold again until you have a small bundle.  Wrap the bundle with blue thread.  For this spell at this time, place the bundle on top of the individual's picture.  Leave it there for 24-hours, at least.  You can also send the bundle to your friend and tell them to place the packet under their front porch steps, in a flowerpot by the front door, or under the doormat.

Slowly, the states are opening up -- lifting their stay-at-home orders.  The New York Times has been keeping track, updating daily.  Only 13 (if I counted right) states are still closed, and 10 of those are opening either by stages or at the end of May.  Our time together is just about over!  But, that's okay!  I will continue to post articles for your enjoyment throughout the year.  It has been a pleasure traveling through this experience with you!  Be safe.  Be well.  Be Joyous!

Massive Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Silver -- Serving you faithfully throughout the pandemic.

Note:  If you wish to do this sequence with a family member or friend present -- run the knife from the feet up the front of the body to the head, over the head, and then down the back.  Then, reverse, running from the feet up along the back of the body to the top of the head, and down over the front, finishing at the feet.  Plunge the knife in a can of salt.  During the process, be sure to keep the blade at least 8 inches from the physical form so as no injury occurs.

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