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Day 59 -- Open the Way with Compost Magick!

Dealing with a stuck issue?  You will love this spell!  You just make use of your compost pile, bin, can...whatever you've got!  And, if you don't have one?  Now's the time to get yours going.  Compost is super easy to do and great for the earth!  Even if you don't have a garden, you can always just give the mixture back to the earth in a respectful way.

Don't know a thing about composting?  Here is a super great article!    While you are reading it, think about how this process can work magickally for you!

I have a compost pail (picture) and a double compost bin outside at the end of the garden.  But, if you don't have anything like this, and still want to do the spell -- that's okay, too.  We'll do it the way my grandma handled it -- throw it in the garbage and get it the heck out of the house right away!

First, you have to determine your own thinking that stands in the way.  Be honest with yourself.  For example, let's say Susie bought a piece of equipment back in November; but, things got busy, she didn't have a chance to use it, and she wanted to purchase a few other things before she "really got into it".  December came and went.  January, too.  And Susie had this and that excuse.  "I'm just too busy to sit down and work with it," she said.  She didn't even take the tags off the thing.  In February she sidestepped the issue with this statement -- "I have an attachment I really want to get for this piece of equipment.  So, I'll hold off until I have enough money to get it.  Then, I'll set it all up."  March rolled in along with the pandemic.  Money went to more pressing concerns, and...

that thing is STILL in the box. 

There's nothing wrong with it.  Susie could use it right away.  But -- she has a mental block.  It is Susie that is stalling.  Not the world.  And not circumstances.

What issue do you have that has fallen victim to your own blockade?  

On a piece of paper, write the problem, and write all the things that you feel stand in your way of accomplishing that goal.  It is okay to say, "George blah-blah-blah."  However, you must also include any and all of your own blocks that you have heaped in the way as well. 

Next, you will need a piece of newspaper and table scraps (the compostable kind -- see link if you are unsure).  Place your list of blocks in the center of the newspaper sheet.  Throw the food scraps on top.  Roll the mess in the newspaper.  Be creative about it.  Tuck in the ends.  Make sure nothing spills out.  Use the fingers of your dominant hand to create three counter-clockwise circles over the newspaper.  As you move your fingers, imagine the paper falling away, the food bits melting, and anything standing in your way of your intended goal disintegrating.  Lay your hands on the newspaper bundle, and say:  " Air, Water, Light and Heat -- as this rots the block is beat!" until you lose focus.  Throw the bundle in the compost bin, pile, etc., if you can so that it can naturally feed the environment.  If you can't, throw the bundle in the garbage and take out to the trash immediately.

Let me know how this spell worked for you!  Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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