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Day 56 - Quarantine Magick! UFO Day!

Most of us have been under quarantine for about two months -- and we may have started different projects and just let them...


In considering your home and energy -- too many unfinished projects slow the chi of the environment.  Bits here.  Pieces there.  In January, we actually collected all these creative good intentions and put those that could fit in a UFO box (or two).  For some, they had to designate a UFO closet (shudder).

Today is UFO Day -- Unfinished Objects Day (which really means unfinished-projects get-yourself-moving day).  From researching and finding someone online who carries your pooch's favorite puppy treats,  to repairing that tear in the $200 comforter when kitty did a backflip too close to the edge of the bed, to FINALLY fixing the broken ceiling light, to completing a promise that you wish to Goddess you hadn't agreed to do...

Yup!  Today is the day!  Whether it is taking care of your calendar, cleaning under the sink, organizing supplies for a special ritual or working, or pulling weeds -- let's see who gets the most accomplished!  Haven't made yourself a UFO box?  Why not decorate (or designate) a UFO box to help keep the clutter down.  This is a super great idea for kids, showing that you respect their drawings and clay objects (by not pitching them in the trash) and putting them in a lovely, personalized box.

I have so many UFO's that it will probably take me two days to plow through them -- but I'm gonna do it!  And, while I'm at it, I'm going to do a good house cleansing.  Armed with sage (I grow it), salt, blessed water, and a white candle, I'm going to bring the evil down!  Yessir!  With so many people stuck in the same area -- negative and stagnant energy tends to build. 

ime for a bit of a break-up.


Big Hugs! Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature! Peace Within!

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