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Day 55 -- Braucherei Covid-19 Spell

This past week, several us of in BFC talked about writing a specific charm to heal individuals of Covid-19, just as our ancestors wrote charms to get rid of Dropsy, Burns, Thrush, etc.  Indeed, all of us have worked those spells/charms/chants with great success.  After listening to Patrick J. Donmoyer's talk the other night, some of us stayed on-line and discussed what charm we could use for our current crises.  We decided to employ a Wildfire charm that makes use of a red thread, manipulating the malady to Covid-19 rather than saying wildfire.  Given that we are all stuck inside and respecting social distancing, we can't use a person's measure -- so here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Hold the string and call out the person's name 9 times, to "set" the connection.

  2. Wrap the string around the individual's photograph.

  3. Tie the string to a slip of paper that has the individual's name on it.

Before beginning the chant, go to your altar (or private place), breathe deeply and relax.  Set your intent -- which would be something like:  "Healing of Martha Amy Zeiders".  Be sure you use the individual's full name.  Then, repeat the charm 9 times while running your fingers over the string.  When you have finished --  pass the string and the paper through the smoke of incense, wood fire, or sage/sweetgrass, believing/affirming that the smoke "smokes out" the disease from the body.  Repeat this charm for 3 or 9 nights -- OR, until the person is fully healed (your choice).  Burn the thread and name paper (if you used one).  When the ashes are cool, throw in the trash.  Do not burn the photograph.

To make this most interesting -- 15 of us did the charm in a round scenario -- you know, like the old Row, Row, Row Your Boat rhyme?  When the last person finished their chant, someone burned the thread.  The energy was so amazing that we have decided to use the round idea again, with other healing group work.

Covid-19 Charm by the Black Forest Clan Braucherei Guild

Covid-19, Covid-19, Covid-19 Depart, Depart, Depart Red string chases you! Away, Away, Away!

If you wish to add a religious focus -- repeat the name of your divinity.

We kept the body of the charm intact and replaced the word "wildfire" with Covid-19.  Originally, the red thread was used by some practitioners to scrape the aura of the sick individual.  You took the measure (head to toe, and foot to toe), wrapped each end around your cupped fingers, and drew the string taut between your hands.  From there, you would "scrape" the aura from head to toe -- front, sides, and back, then hold the string over wafting smoke or burn it.  Some practitioners would hang the string up over continuous heat like a wood stove, and when the string dropped of its own accord, the healing was finished.  Most of us don't use wood stoves anymore, nor do we cook with open fires on a regular basis, so the working has to be adjusted for modern circumstances.

As a side note, while we worked, I saw the spirits of thousands of nurses down through the ages, supporting our human healers, lending their aid, their courage, and their wisdom.

So mote it be

Big Hugs and Happy Mother's Day! Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within.


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