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Day 5 - Mini Release Program - March by Silver RavenWolf

Day Five - Mini Release Program by Silver RavenWolf

Greetings to ya and super big hugs!  So we are in Day Five here at the hearthstone where they have closed everything in our area that is non-essential.  The dog and I spent part of the afternoon sitting in the sun meditating on healing, enjoying the unusually warm temperatures while my husband played a video game and watched cartoons in his man-cave.  Sometimes you've gotta "just chill".

I've purposefully been a little wishy-washy in posting the Moon in the Signs and other astrological information in this mini-program because sometimes the information becomes a deterrent for folks who join late in the game.  They think, "Oh, that says the moon was in such-and-such, so I guess I can't do this program because that was days ago," which isn't the case at all.  Granted, I live by the moon in the signs and have found the information to be highly impactful if you just pay attention to the energy.  When you can use the vibrations to your best advantage everything seems to flow delightfully well.  Even crap-tacular situations can be mitigated (to a point).  And let me tell you when the moon is void (even though some signs work somewhat), it is such a relief from worry when something unpleasant goes down that could have really nasty conclusions, and you say to yourself, "Moon Void -- nothing will come of it.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe."  No kidding.  I'm a Virgo.  Our brains constantly snot worry.

Sometimes during the Great Release Program, I'll talk to you about what is going on in the heavens so that you can be aware of the amazing power you have at your fingertips.  For example, right now, with Mars churning through a stellium this week and the next and won't conclude until the 31st of March (interesting, right?) (a stellium is a combination of three or more planets in close proximity in a sign or house) and all these planets being what I call "heavy-hitters" it is no wonder that activity (Mars) is kicking up a tornado of change as he comes in vibratory reach of each of those planets.   Of course, the government came down like Thor's Hammer -- all those planets are in Capricorn, sheesh!  Mars is rolling over Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.  Here the meet-up with Jupiter showed us that some of the decisions were probably knee-jerk excessive and not all that beneficial -- only time will really tell.  Generally, Jupiter is considered the Great Benefic -- so putting him to work in your life for good fortune and joy is a great way to use that glittering Mars energy.  Some will fall in love this week, and others totally out of it!   Domestic Violence, given the quarantine, will be no surprise.  Pluto is all about transformation and so there will be a push to change where before folks were just sitting and finding excuses to take action, and Saturn waves the two-headed banner of reward and restriction (yup, can be both) at the very end.  Yup.  There is strong energy to use if you target correctly.

So, what all this basically means is that this is a REALLY good time to make those changes in your life that you've been grumbling about.  And, the universe is gonna help ya.   You'll either get with the program, or be run over by the energy.  You always have a choice.

Today's Challenge:  The main challenge today, is to get moving because I betcha some of you spent way too much time on the computer this week.  Therefore, choose any task that will make you move.  I'm going to wash out the refrigerator.  Boring but useful.

Mrs. Pickles Wish Jar -- With all that Mars energy, I've created a simple drawing for you to use.  Spring Equinox and the few days thereafter are great for Wishes.  Print out the drawing below.  Follow the instructions on the drawing.

Here is a pic of my jar:

Summary - Total Stars Available - 81 (and if I ever count wrong, you get 10 extra stars!).

Main Challenge:  Get Moving!  Do a task, chore, or activity that will keep you motoring!  25 gold stars

Give or throw one thing away.  1 gold star

Make a Mrs. Pickles Wish Jar!  10 gold stars!

Consider how you will use the powerful astrological energy available this week. 25 stars

Do one thing that you think is insignificant for another individual.  You never know the power of your gift.  25 stars

Please post to help others.  Your words and feelings are very important.

Be safe, be happy, smile, and have fun today!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Silver is the author of over 23 books through Llewellyn World Wide Publishing

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