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Day 36 - Quarantine Magick Herbal Meditation and Tree of Life Formula

In Celebration of Earth Day I created several dream pillows with an embroidered world tree design.  I built a bonfire in our ritual circle and used my rattle during meditation -- asking what herbals I already had that would be good for bringing peace, healing, and good fortune to my hearthstone brothers and sisters and my family.  I used the dream pillow design as my focus, breathing deeply and allowing the plants to step forward in my mind.  It was such a delightful and surprising experience, as plants I never would have thought of working together filled my mind.  I fed the bonfire and gave blessings to the plant world before hurrying into the house to work on what I dreamt.

I fittingly named the result of my vision quest the Tree of Life Formula.  It is so simple, yet so aromatic and amazingly powerful!  On researching the combination, I discovered that the recipe lends itself well to a variety of situations including peace, prosperity, and harmony workings, rituals for healing, sweet sleep, mental peace, turning the luck to a brighter future, love, healing for PTSD and emotional issues, banishing nightmares, processing grief, birthing ceremonies, and even hex breaking.  A very shamanic formula birthed through a bonfire meditation.  Here is the formula:

Tree of Life Formula -- Vetiver, Linden, and Patchouli with clear crystals and rose quartz crystals.

Your Challenge:  In celebration of nature, enjoy a meditation outdoors and create your own herbal formula.  Research the ingredients that came to you.  Blend and combine your recipe and use it for something you or another individuals needs right now.

Earn:  1000 stars.  You deserve it.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Big Hugs Silver!

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