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Day 24 - Mini Release Program Quarantine Magick

This Journal is made from an inexpensive composition book covered with decorative papers, glitter letters, personal artwork, and a fun pinback button of two things I adore -- Sheep and Pumpkins!  The daffodils are from our garden.

Today's Challenge - Create a New Journal OR Beef-up your old one! As a writer, of course, I'm going to say to you that it is vitally important that you record this time in your life. Don't rely on electronics -- pen to paper can last a very long time. One of my hobbies is genealogy, and the importance of your record-keeping right now is vital. Your observations, your feelings...all of it. Writing can be cathartic and soothing. And, your words will be educational for future generations.  

For example: 

8 April 2020 -- 3rd Qtr Moon -- Moon moving from Libra to Scorpio. 72 degrees. Sunny.

I haven't been away from the house in 24 days. Today, I finally broke down and went to the post office, only to find a sign scrawled on the door that there would be no mail delivery this day. The roads were almost deserted as I wound my little car over the mountain into civilization. The grocery store presented a scene straight from the Sci-Fi channel! A woman's voice droned sweetly over the intercom with instructions on how I was to behave. "All customers will remain at least six feet apart." "Social Distancing is hard; but, we know you can do it for the welfare of all." "Many items are limited to only 2 per family per day." I honestly expected a pandemic zombie to saunter around the corner, jumping to slather me with its embrace. Most of the people in the store were wearing masks, especially those over fifty. The seniors were all very pleasant, whereas the younger folks were cold and distant, stepping with purpose down the empty paper towel aisle, and pushing some seniors aside in their haste. I shook my head.  

I realized people can't see you smiling when you have the lower part of your face covered.  

One woman, she must have been in her seventies, wandered this way and that, talking to herself, her face swathed in a white bandanna. Whisps of white hair seemed to wave independently of her head. "My husband died last year," she said. "I had to come out today. I just don't know what to buy because there isn't much here."

I nodded. Her energy was bright; but, I could tell she was starved for socialization. She moved closer, her white, almost translucent fingers fluttering in the air. "Where is all the tinfoil?" she asked. (So much for 6 feet apart.)

Because she was wearing a mask? I had to look at her eyes. They were a beautiful, sparkling blue. I turned to look at the shelves. Not a single box of tinfoil in sight. What the? "Maybe someone figured out how to use the shiny side as toilet paper," I said.

She laughed so hard I thought her white wild-west face covering would fall off. In my mind, I sent her a silent blessing and said aloud, "Be well." She nodded her head. "You, too!" She continued down the aisle, her cart swerving drunkenly as she once again began whispering to herself. 

The store set up a labyrinth for customers, with employees positioned here and there to ensure that you motor the right way. Seriously. I felt like I was on some strange amusement ride. If you dared turn the wrong direction, they gently pulled you back to the "right" way. As a Pagan, being told what to do like you are a sheeple was very disconcerting.

At the checkout, the clerk angrily threw my purchases down so hard that they spun across the moving conveyer belt and slammed into the counter sides like miniature bumper carts. She was muttering, "This is bullshit" like a mantra. I bought eggs for my granddaughter to color. At least the chickens are still laying even if the beast of tinfoil isn't. I bit my lip and looked away. My father always said, "Pick your battles wisely." I sighed. Just wasn't worth it. Who knows what was going on in her life, right? 

I bagged my own things, paid, and hurried out the door. that door. You can only go one way this pandemic day. The way that requires you to walk the entire length of the store, and then the whole expanse of the parking lot back to your car. I wheeled my cart around and huffed it to my car. I am not an exercise enthusiast, as my children will well tell you. I just try to walk fast everywhere I go in hopes that the gods of weight loss will kindly help me shed at stubborn pound.

At home? I let all the dry goods sit in the car, and they will stay there until at least tomorrow night. The cold stuff...different story. I switched the meats and frozen veggies out of the bags and into a basket, getting rid of the trash before it even got in the house. Inside, I rewrapped everything and disposed of the original packaging. Who wants that woman's negative energy on your stuff, right?

To relax, I dug the hummingbird feeders out of the shed, filled my bird feeders on the wish tree, and made sure Calico, our squirrel, had a full lunchbox..."

If someone were to read this fifteen years from now, long after the pandemic is over and mostly forgotten...they will see this time period through my eyes and not the cold, scripted newspapers or videos. Here, my words are free. They are from the heart. There is no one to tell me what I can and cannot share. And I feel so much better for relating my experiences, even though they aren't truly momentous.

Just a moment in the looking glass of life.

Summary - Total Possible Stars 61

Throw or give one thing away today! Earn one star. Today's Challenge -- Create or add to your personal journal. Earn 50 Stars! Do two Five-Minute dashes today. Earn 10 Stars! Big hugs! Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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