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Day 22 Mini Release Program Quarantine Magick! I broke down and made some masks because the governor of our state is now asking that folks wear them.  I googled how to stitch them, then put some of the ideas together and created my own.  Of course, I had to add decorations.  I just might stitch on some beads if I have the time!

I also made a mask for my Butzfrau, who is still sitting on the front porch until the garden gets tilled.  The mask glows in the dark.  I wonder what the delivery people are going to think of her now?

Today's Challenge!  Decorate your Quarantine Mask with non-toxic items.  You can make your own, or use one you already have. The human race is resilient and oh-so-very-artsy!  If you want to go out in public?  Oh, honey!  Do it in style!  Hint:  I stitched a twisty-tie in the bridge of the nose on mine so the mask would fit better, and I used 2 1/4 inch wide strips to make the ties.

The Full Moon -- is on 7 April - Tuesday 10:35 PM EDT/7:35 PM PDT -- Your second challenge is to collect a bowl of this water for healing purposes.  With the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries -- the healing water will be particularly good for pain relief and quelling histamine responses (headaches, fatigue, hives, digestive issues).  The moon magnetizes the element of the sign she passes through -- so here we are talking about the air element that will receive a boost of power.  In Libra, the energy is thought to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.  With an Aries Sun, disease resistance is very strong, and the natural vitality of the energy is concentrated.  The Sun is exalted in Aries, giving it the power it needs to cast off opponents, whether they be human or a virus.  Put your bowl of water out under the moon (it is okay if it is cloudy or rainy) at least two hours before the opposition (full moon) and leave it there for two hours after.  Close to the exact time of the Full Moon, I stand in ritual circle and ask the Goddess to bless the water so that it may heal the sick and comfort the lost and unhappy.  I hold the container up so that I can see the moon in the water or through the water (if the moon is visible), while saying:  "Oh lovely lady of the moon, grant to me this special boon..." and then continue with my intent.  When the two hours has passed, I draw an equal-armed cross over the bowl and then store the water in dark bottles.  Be sure to label your water with the date and the type of full moon (Libra Moon/Aries Sun).  Later, test the effects of the water on your body before you use it for a specific purpose.  

When you choose to use your healing waters, dot the liquid on the 7 main chakra points of the body.  I also put the water on the back of my neck, a place that is thought to be the weakest and is considered vulnerable to psychic attack.  

Summary - Possible Stars - 161

Give or toss one thing away today! Earn One Star. Today's Challenge -- Decorate your Quarantine Mask!  Earn 50 stars!  Decorate 2 masks and earn 100 Stars! Full Moon Challenge -- Collect Moon water, bottle, and store.  Earn 50 Stars. Do one FIVE minute dash!  Earn 10 Stars

Big hugs

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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