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Day 19 - Mini Release Program - Quarantine Magick

These are the three rune cards I pulled for the outcome of Corvid-19's effect on our society.

Today's Challenge!  Organize your Divinatory tools!  or learn a new tool!  Have you been saying, "Gee, I wish I knew how to read the Runes, delineate an astrology chart, or try my hand at scrying!"  Today is the day!  Make that first step into a new divinatory journey! That's right folks, see-er-ship is at hand!  Step right up and enter the world of the mystic!  Or maybe you've lost or misplaced a favored deck of cards, runes, whatever.  Why not consider making your own divinatory tool?

I have a good friend that uses gemstones to divine.  He doesn't use a book or special symbols.  Over time, he has collected quite a few stones (about the size of the tip of his thumb).  He keeps the gems in a special bag, and when he wants to know what energy he should apply to a specific situation, without looking he draws a stone from the bag.  He holds it in his hand and closes his eyes.  He lets the stone "talk" through mental impressions and images BEFORE he looks to see what the stone is.  Over time, different stones come to mean specific things.  For example, rose quartz fills the heart chakra with love; but, also helps you to find your way, and says to seek the answer through relationships and compassion.  Leopard Jasper says that healing and serenity are needed at this time; but, if you were traveling, you should be sure to cast your wards before venturing out.  It also means you will have enough strength to get through the current situation.  Oh, lookie, they are the two stones I pulled for you today!  Wouldn't ya know!

Summary - An Easy Day! - 51 stars Possible

Throw or Give One Thing Away - 1 Star Today's Challenge -- Organize and work with a divinatory tool -- 50 Stars!

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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