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New Year! 2018

Catch the rolling thunder of positive magick as the clock strikes midnight in your area, heralding in the New Year! The Moon is in Gemini, sitting in the 7th Lunar Mansion, the place of wealth and good fortune! Abundance and happiness can be yours, says this centuries old astrological information, if you free yourself of envy and wish peace and prosperity for all. The Sun is in a brilliant stellium with Venus and Pluto -- positive change can be made if your intent rides on willing change for the best. These three planets are in Capricorn along with Saturn -- make sure you are "seated" in what you wish to do. The lights (moon and sun) are just about kissing full moon -- there is great power at your disposal. The biggest danger this night is indulgence -- on anything. Moderation wins the golden ring! Chart patter is the locomotive with the leading planet Mars! Keep the over-bearing part of you under control and apply that forward energy for the betterment of family and positive, personal goals.

Our standard activity for New Year's Eve here at the Black Forest Hearthstone is a cleansing ritual to prepare our body, mind and soul for the New Year. We practice the Braucherei Take-in-off with the red thread, and yes, we DO run around the table 9 times! This is a tradition we adore as it brings laughter and joy to everyone participating.

For this year's celebration and welcoming in of 2018, I have created individual Rosemary and Basil soy tea candles, each a combination of essential oil, fragrance and ground herb from my garden. Both herbs are incredibly dynamic in healing and removing negative influences. Look for more single herb fragrance candle offerings in 2018 as we continue to add to our selections, and articles on the individual herbs and how you can use them in your spiritual workings.

Wishing you and your families much love and joy in the coming year! Thank you so much for your interest in my work and my candle company -- as one of my good friends would say -- smooches dahlings! I do so celebrate the marvelous you!


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