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2012 Great Release Program — Day 3 — Monday

day 3 of silver ravenwolf's great release challenge

Day Three — 2012 Great Release Challenge!

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

Since several of you were having difficulty finding the Lesser Banishing Ritual I posted it yesterday for your convenience on this blog.  The LBR (as some call it) is an excellent technique for ridding yourself and an area of negative circumstances.

Some of you have asked for earlier postings of the next day’s challenge.  Part of this program is that I write continuously throughout our thirty days together.  Doing it this way allows me to incorporate some of your ideas or answer your questions in a timely manner as they apply to the program.  While you are on Day Two for example, I am writing Day Three.  This allows the program to stay fluid, making every year a different experience for all of us.  I also do all the illustrations for each blog entry.  Sometimes, if I’m lucky, Samantha (my daughter-in-law) is available to take snap shots.

After finishing Day 2’s tasks, our family erected and decorated the Yule tree in preparation for the holidays.  Then I read Pennsylvania Dutch Night Before Christmas by Chet Williamson to the family.  A fun book that focuses on the Belsnickel, giving a charming parody of the season.  Since most of our family lines run through PA Dutch, its a great way to give the kids a bit of history without them even knowing it.

Just Moved or Moving?

In the last three years several individuals were either moving or had just moved during the Release Program.  This year, some of you have mentioned your move of house plans so I thought I would add a few practical and  magickal tips.  Here is what I did to make my move of house this fall a little easier.

1.  Before moving, I walked through the house and cleansed it with sage and holy water.  I talked to the old house, telling it I was releasing its energy.

2.  Packing up your entire household is an excellent way of getting rid of a lot of stuff.  We donated, gifted, pitched, and sold bags and boxes full of things during the five months leading up to the move.  I tried to label as many boxes as possible by room.  As we marched closer to the move date I felt less inclined to clean.  This…was dumb.  I learned first-hand how depressing and angst-filled dirt can be.  On moving day I couldn’t believe how much stuff we still had, and how dirty the place had gotten.    I finally understood “movers-itis” — you know, where you move into a place where the former occupants left stuff behind?  You think, “why did they leave this perfectly good item?”  They left it because they were sick and tired of moving one more thing, that’s why.

3.  Release the old place in your heart, mind, and body.  Do a ritual of release as one of your last acts in the old home.  Be sure to tie up any loose ends in the following weeks — paying the last utilities for that address, changing your legal documents to the new address, etc.  Don’t allow any negativity of the old place come to the new place with you.  Clean it, clear it, let go of it.  When you walk out that door for the last time, turn toward the interior of the house, and release it verbally, then ask for blessings from Spirit that the next person who lives there enjoys a long and happy life.

4.  Do a blessing ritual in the new house before you move into it.

5.  When we moved into to the new house I was absolutely determined that things would not be left in boxes…that I would not be wandering around the house tripping over boxes, bags, or plastic tubs for weeks or months afterwards.  In one week I had everything in every room put away (except the craft room).  Granted, for the second week I couldn’t find anything because I had no idea where I put it; but, I was satisfied that the house wasn’t a wreck before our new lives began.  If this task seems too daunting, have a friend or family member help — that’s what I did.  My daughter and daughter-in-law were kind enough to help empty boxes the multitude of boxes and bags.

6.  Set up your altar area as quickly as possible.  That way, while you are unpacking, your ritual area is already working with positive vibrations.

7.  Make friends with the land around you.  Walk the property, ward the property, and talk to the nature spirits on and around the property.  Link in with them every day for the first few weeks.  You will be amazed at how comfortable you will soon feel.

Your Mission Today

Clean all flat surfaces (countertops, tables, windows and doors).  Pay particular attention to the front door.  Once cleaned, seal all windows and doors with a drop of clove oil or blessed perfume.  Draw a banishing pentagram in the air over each door and window, then follow with an equal-armed cross (drawn in the air) to seal.  This is to protect all occupants of the home.

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  Wash front door with a mixture of water and lemon juice (one cap full to one gallon of water) or a combination of squeezed lemon and orange juice (again one cap full of  the juices) to welcome prosperity into your house.  Save the peels of the citrus fruits.  You can simmer them in water on the stove with a bit of cinnamon for a lovely aroma, or add the peels to your wax melt mixture if you will use it right away, or dry the peels and use later in conjuring bags or potpourri blends.


If you have a front porch, wash that off as well after a thorough sweeping.


Make sure the entryway into your living area is free of clutter — no umbrellas, magazines, bags, etc.  There should be a clean, clear path into the home.  A well lit foyer area keeps negativity from entering the home.  Artwork here should absolutely reflect your goals and aspirations or indicate the entire atmosphere that you expect in your home.  It is the first thing you see when you enter the home and the last thing you look at as you leave.  You might want a tranquil scene, bright colors, or a goal oriented graphic.  Scents, too, as you enter your living area, are important.  Does your house smell like wet dog or something more delightful?  We hung a cinnamon broom near the door, empowered to sweep out the negativity.  As you enter the foyer the aroma of the broom is the first thing you notice.

Consider hanging hooks or decorative racks for coats or keys so that everything isn’t a jumble inside or behind the door.  You might also try using a mud mat for shoes and boots.

wall hooks

Since it is the holiday season don’t forget to decorate the main door with something bright and festive — even better if you have made it yourself!

If you are really energetic?  Wash all curtains or send drapes to the cleaners.

For Tomorrow:  Junk Drawers!

What If You Can’t Finish Everything Today?  Tomorrow is another day.  Do what you can.  If you aren’t home due to other commitments, your main goal is to release at least one thing today.  Write down in your notebook what you missed doing today so that you remember to catch up on a day when you have time.

Don’t forget that the sharing process is vitally important in this challenge.  Please feel free to write your comments, ask questions or share your own ideas.  Feel free, also, to make comments on what others post.  We are a Magickal Village.


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle. 2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation. 3.  Clean all flat surfaces, including windows and doors. 4.  Give yourself one gold star if you finished all flat surfaces, windows and doors and two gold stars if you also magickally cleaned the front door and porch.  Three gold stars if you washed the curtains or took them to the cleaners. Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special! 5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.

So be it.


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