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2012 Great Release Program — Day 2 — December 2nd — Suck Up the Dirt!

Samantha Trayer in battle against the mega dust bunny!

Samantha Trayer in battle against the mega dust bunny!

Day Two — 2012 Great Release Challenge! by Silver RavenWolf

Good Morning!  Did you remember to do your Morning Braucherei Ritual?  Good for you!  No?  Go do it quick!

Today you will need a vacuum, dust-buster, mop, or broom — depending upon what you like to use best to suck up those dust bunnies and other dirt.  You will also need an old pot or pan and a wooden or metal spoon, or you can fill a canning jar with assorted jingle bells.  Finally, before you begin, spend a little time at your release altar this morning and make some holy water (or use holy water you already have on hand).  You will also need a blessed, white candle OR if candles are a problem — a flashlight will do.  If you don’t have either, you don’t get to skate — envision white light.

Our chant for today may be familiar to you.  It is one of my favorite ones:

Evil be gone do not return The horse has run off and the bridges are burned.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  This is a Braucherei charm, and although you may laugh, it works incredibly well to get rid of negativity and nasty people.  We’ll be using this charm throughout the challenge period.

Your Mission Today

Vacuum, mop, sweep the entire floor area of your living space.  Be sure to get in all the corners, behind doors, and under furniture (move it if you have to).  Dust and dirt hold and trap negativity.  As physical dirt piles up it magnetizes negativity to itself.  The more dirt in the home, the more negativity in the space around you.  This negativity may manifest in arguments, depression, irritation, or lethargy.  Everyone in the home can be affected by it creating a circle of negativity that feels like it can’t be broken.

Use the above chant while you are working.  Envision your Guardian walking with you, helping you as you clear away the dust and debris.  What if it looks like so much that you already feel defeated?  Then concentrate on one, small area, and begin, because beginning is the hardest of all!  Add music in the background — something uplifting, or burn a wax melt or highly scented candle that makes you feel strong, joyous, or secure.  Excellent scents for this time of year include fir, pine, or apples.  Other cleansing scents include lavender, rosemary, or white sage.

If a family member baulks, tell them they can’t get new, cool stuff if the place is filthy as the dirt blocks the way for new things to come into the home.  The possibility of great, new stuff is a fairly good incentive for most everybody.  Its a donkey – carrot thing.

Even though you may see other things that need work, concentrate on the floor and be diligent in getting rid of all the dirt.  Use your notebook to add any entries of things you would like to take care of so you don’ forget.

Now that the floors are clean, we want to break up negative energy sticking to the walls, furniture, and other items in the home.  Fill a ball jar with jingle bells, a plastic jug with dried beans, or use an old pot and wooden spoon.  We are going to use such things to break up the negativity with noise.  Children love this part of the cleaning process.  Carry your homemade rattle all over the house, in every room, basement and attic shaking your rattle continuously.  Chanting the Evil Be Gone charm and punctuating the words with sound works incredibly well.


You can use your homemade rattle throughout the program to break up negativity, particularly when there is a squabble, hurt feelings, or irritation.  Children or partners can’t help but laugh if you rush for the rattle and start dancing around the room.  Although you can use a store bought rattle, your individually fashioned masterpiece really does have more power.  Why?  Because you made it yourself.

Use cans or plastic tubs for homemade rattles or drums.  Fill with dried beans and dried prosperity herbs.

Use cans or plastic tubs for homemade rattles or drums. Fill with dried beans and dried prosperity herbs.

Next, walk through the entire house carrying that blessed white candle (or your flashlight) and sprinkling holy water.  Once more, imagine that your Guardian is walking with you.  Intone this blessing if you like:

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

as you walk.  When you are finished, ask for blessings from Spirit and let the candle burn completely.  If you can’t let the candle burn, clap it out (hands above flame and clap hard –once should do it).  You can use this candle again for any house blessing activity; but, nothing else.

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  Dust every surface before you use your rattle.  Place cleansing herbs in a muslin conjuring bag, dip in the holy water and use the bag as your asperging vehicle rather than sprinkling with your fingers.  Herbs can include basil, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, or even dried lemon and citrus peel.  Don’t have any of those things?  Slice a fresh lemon and an orange.  Put them on white plate, and place in the central area of the home while you clean.  Both fruits have magickal correspondences for banishing negative energy and enticing financial gain.  To welcome more money into the home, sprinkle fruits with white sugar.  Let set for 24-hours, then place outside, giving them to the spirits of plenty.

Place a piece of amethyst in the busiest portion of the home to help transmute negative energy.

Place a piece of amethyst in the busiest portion of the home to help transmute negative energy.

For Tomorrow:  Cleaning All Flat Surfaces, including The Windows and Doors

What If You Can’t Finish Everything Today?  Tomorrow is another day.  Do what you can.  If you can only do one room, you might choose the highest traffic area in the home or the room in which you sleep.  If you aren’t home due to other commitments, your main goal is to release at least one thing today.

Don’t forget that the sharing process is vitally important in this challenge.  Please feel free to write your comments, ask questions or share your own ideas.  Feel free, also, to make comments on what others post.  We are a Magickal Village.


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle. 2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation. 3.  Wash or vacuum all the floors in your living environment.  Dust every surface. 4.  Clear the house with your homemade rattle or drum. 5.  Bless the living environment with a lit white candle and holy water. 6.  Give yourself one gold star if you did the floors, two gold stars if you dusted, too. 7.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.

So be it.


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