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2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Fifteen — Saturday

Good Fortune Piggy designed by Silver RavenWolf

Good Fortune Piggy designed by Silver RavenWolf

Day Fifteen! — 2012 Great Release Challenge! by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

We are halfway through this year’s Release Program!  Give yourself SEVEN gold stars if you made it this far — remember, the primary goal each day is to release one thing — everything else is just good fortune lumped in your favor!  If you have followed the program and did all or most of the topics listed — you deserve double — Fourteen Gold Stars for you!

Halfway through the program deserves a reward for you, so I’ve designed a Good Fortune Piggy that you can use in your work.  Yes, I realize that’s this is an odd choice; but, this piggy is designed for your good health, winning success, abundance in life and your happiness.  Print off the Good Fortune Piggy, add whatever sigils, names, or designs you like to him and use him in your magickal work.  This design is counted cross-stitch, so if you want to use him that way — go for it!  All I ask is that you don’t sell the design.  Other than that, have fun with him!

Your mental challenge today is all about creativity!  How can you use what you learned so far, or by the experiences you have had, to enhance your life?  Tell us!

The Sea of Potential Exercise

For the past fifteen days, we’ve been working with the Sea of Potential Exercise given early on in the program.  How is it working for you?  Let me tell you a story…

Last night was our regularly scheduled healing circle.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, the hearthstone has moved — we now live in the middle of state game lands — rural; but not deeply rural (we are within seven minutes of a town in either direction).  However, being in the woods presents different challenges than living in a town.  One of those changes includes a stone driveway, ditches on either side (which we are working on) and limited parking space (for now).  Rural also means no street lights.  So, when a circle member pulled into the drive last night, his car ended up ass in the air and nose in the ditch.

Oh dear.

As he was calling Triple A (a towing service here in the states) I stood on the front porch and used the Sea of Potential Exercise to get his car out of that ditch.  No, it did not levitate.  Instead, someone driving by with a big truck passed the upended vehicle, then slowed, then sped by.  None of us really noticed because everyone on the road was slowing down, gawking, and then zooming past.  One young lady in a small car stopped and asked if she could help.  We thanked her very much; but, told her we had it under control.  A minute or two later that big truck rolled up from the other direction.  He stops and gets out, and says, “I can pull that car out no sweat.  No need to call a towing service.  I’ve been doing this stuff for years.”  He proceeds to unload a chain, hooked it up, and within minutes, he had the car out of the ditch.  Everyone on the porch (so now we were singing Yule carols for the public’s entertainment) cheered.  My husband ran in the house, then ran out again, catching the man as he was pulling away.

“Here,” said my husband.  “Can’t do a favor for nothing.”  And he handed the fellow what he had in his wallet.

“I can’t take that,” said the man.  “Just trying to do good.”

“Times are hard,” said my husband, “give this to your grandchildren, or to charity.”

The man smiled, and said.  “All right.  I’ll do that,” and drove down the road.

At the end of our healing circle last night, we asked that the man who stopped to help us be given special blessings for the coming year.  We asked that he be rewarded for his kindness in many ways.  We also asked that the young lady who stopped be given special blessings as well.

This morning I contemplated our good fortune of assistance last night.  I often teach that we are all connected, and that if you ask for help aloud, in a firm and confident voice, you will receive what you need.  As magick (thought) travels the path of least resistance, you can tell by experiences like this who is open with compassion, and who is not.  The Universe does pick up and deliver your message — that is a sure thing.  You send out the call along those invisible bands of energy that connect us all, and someone will respond IF you are open to receive.  It goes both ways, you see, they can hear you; but, you have the ultimate choice to turn them away.  But, if you do turn them away, you should thank them anyway…because they tried.  And trying is the most important part of it all.

This experience was also a lesson in the group mind and the power it holds.  I think each of us said something aloud about needing a tow as quickly as possible, given the angle of the car and the tight road (we didn’t want someone to come by and hit the car).  As we were all on the same mental page, help arrived literally in minutes.

Your family, and the people in your household ARE a group mind, even though they may not realize it.  How can that power be used effectively in your life?

Tomorrow:  Accessories You Wear and Jewelry


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle. 2.  Complete today’s Your Choice challenge. 3.  Practice your Sea of Potential Exercise. 4.  Get Ready for Tomorrow!

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Your Choice Challenge.  Two gold stars if you use today’s Good Fortune Piggy in your workings.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your new Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.    Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.

So be it.


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