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Words – The Secret of Conjuration

Updated: Apr 20

Words — The Secret Formula of Conjuration

By Jenine E. Trayer

Copyright 2016

Words are like colorful baubles that can be strewn in a glittering path or carefully placed so that each gleams delightfully on its own.

We can pile words haphazardly, a teetering stack of crossed “t’s” or dangling “y’s”  where their innate sparkle spits erratically.

We can bury words in the cemetery of verbosity — where their shine is completely lost.


Are Spirits ever pulsing within the mind of all.  Dressed in their finest bring joy, love, happiness and good fortune.


Cloaked in hatred, anger, or pain infuse a vicious poison that orchestrates death.

Compelled in Conjure where two or more words are strung together – change is born.

Words challenge the universe to create. Words are the foundation of all that will be. Words laced in sound capture energy that moves in waves across the multiverse. Words hung on pictures become indelible.

Words…unspoken…carry the greatest power of all…


Words can sear the soul Caress the wounded Lay naked the crime Carry us forward…

or backward…

in time…

We can use words carelessly

Or we can rise to the task of employing them with the greatest of wisdom.


Make us powerful.

Or so we think.

The key to conjure?  Be succinct.

Words rape, pillage, cut, sear, scorn Heal, empower, mend those torn…

Did you know?

There is always a way to untangle.

There is always a way to tie tight.

There is always a way to send back.

There is always a way to steer right.

Through words.

Words coupled with confidence become a lover’s embrace that isn’t easily broken.

Misuse of words – shows the world what fools that we truly are.

Words are a gift we take for granted – easy to birth – hard to guide, incredibly difficult to control once they find release.

The kernel of truth in any word is its intent – therefore, the only truth any word can claim is the garment of your emotion.

Words are soldiers you can muster. Fairies you can release. Angels you can implore. Gods who change the score. Or ridiculous collections of bullshit that you can ignore.



Words turn each into the other.

Words spin. Words win. Words tickle a grin. They expose your sin (if you believe in that sort of thing).

Words wearing the holy crown of action make it so.  They can cost us dearly.  They can drown us in the undertow.

Do tell me, my little pretty, how wilt thou conjure your words a’glow?

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