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This Can Change Your Life by G.T. Long

This Can Change Your Life by G. T. Long

(forward by Silver RavenWolf)

G.T. Long has been a friend of mine for many years.  He is a Third Degree Priest in the Black Forest Clan, located in Michigan.  Recently, G.T. called me about a talk he was going to give, asking me if I had any suggestions.  We rolled a few ideas around and had a good conversation.  After his talk he gave me a call to let me know how it went.  Today, he called me to tell me about some pretty amazing events related to his seminar.

“You have to tell people this, G.T.”, I said.  “Put it on my FaceBook Page and I’ll also put it on my blogs.  I’ll Tweet it, too.  You could save someone’s life with this information.”

“I’ll put it on your page; but, I don’t know about saving someone’s life.”

“Testimonials, real ones, are rare.  You’ve got to tell people.  You just have to!”

“All right, all right.  I’ll put it on today.”

And here is G.T.’s post:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could think about what you want and then have it happen? Books like ” The Secret” claim that positive thinking can create new realities. Ask, Believe, Receive. Even the Bible says, ” And all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing you shall receive.” According to Quantum Physics energy unfolds into patterns we create, that we can manifest our desires. WE CAN…!! We can also sabotage them with self-doubt, fears, and negative thoughts. Every time we think of something we want or need in our lives a universal super train starts moving at full speed bringing to us our desire. It is only when we start to doubt that we are going to receive our need that the train slows down, and then with more and more negative thoughts eventually the train stops. We ourselves are responsible for thousands of stalled trains each holding a smashed dream. So… I had an idea. What if we had a dream partner, someone that is not emotionally attached to our desire, someone who can just ask Universe in a positive way. Someone who will not doubt. I attended a new age groups meeting and presented this idea to them. Each would pick a partner, and one of them would name a need or desire, and for ten days they both would agree to ask for this one need. Silver gave me an exercise to use, Think of the need and breath it in, then release it to the universe, breath it in again, and release it to the universe. After ten days they were to contact me with the results. Could they keep that train coming? I had 9 partners, 8 got what they wanted. One initially said it totally backfired, that they asked for a better job and more money, and instead her husband was fired after failing a physical. But two days later they re-contacted me, it seems her husband was offered two new jobs, each paying better then his old, and he will never have to take a physical again. I still have not heard all the other stories, but the most dramatic had to do with partners who had in the past had cancer. Both were told by their Doctors to come in for tests as their last physical was picking up bad x-rays, and they suspected a relapse of cancer. So.. they decided to break the rules and both ask for a clean bill of health for each other. When they went in ten days after the experiment they were both given a clean bill of health, their Doctors were amazed. When I started this project I purposely told folks not to ask for a million dollars, start small, we are not curing cancer here. Maybe we were, maybe we can. Just thought I would share. G.T. Long.

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