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Spirit Cat Pattern for Protection, Success, or Healing

Spirit Cat is very easy to construct and will look fantastic on your altar!

Spirit Cat Pattern

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

A week or so ago I posted How to Make Spirit Dolls.  I received a lot of positive feedback and a request for an animal pattern. The cat is made exactly the same way as the dolls with the addition of the two ears and the tail.  I also placed pipe cleaners in the ears so that they can bend a bit.

Here is the pattern:

Spirit Cat Pattern by Silver RavenWolf.

Spirit Cat can be created for a variety of needs from pet protection and healing to your success, or as a symbol of Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess.  Your intent and any herb combinations create the theme of the cat.  You are free to use this pattern and sell your cats.  All I ask is that you do not sell the pattern in paper form or as a download.  If you are unsure how to construct the cat, check out my Spirit Doll article listed below.

May your stitching be filled with loads of good magick!


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