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Silver RavenWolf on How To Make No-Sew Conjuring or MoJo Bags A Four Part Series of Creative Magick

Four Part Series on Crafty No-Sew Conjuring Bags

How To Make No-Sew Conjuring or MoJo Bags A Four Part Series of Creative Magick

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

One of the most valuable lessons about magick I’ve ever learned came from Llewellyn author, Ray Malbrough.   “Spell casting,” Ray would say, “Is all about the process.  From the idea, to gathering the ingredients, to creating a harmonious area in which to work, in through the actual casting of the spell itself.  Always remember,” he said, “that the process, and where your head is at during that process, is the most important aspect.  What you think during the entire process will make or break your work.”

When Ray taught us (my family) Spiritism, and we prepared for our coronations (my anniversary of this is March 17th) he had us spend a great deal of time (months) in “the process”.  He sent us running here and there looking for special ingredients, special stones, special-this, special-that…we had special prayers to recite on special days, special charms to make at specific times…until you were consumed in, and excited about — the entire process.  Always with our eye on the result, the positive energy and enjoyment of accomplishing each single step sent cyclical surges of positive thought that electrified the entire process.

Everything’s Got’sa Vibration & a Rhythm

Ray’s way of teaching the student followed the Hermetic Principles of Vibration and Rhythm.  Everything has a heartbeat, a pattern, a rhythm of existence that ebbs and flows.  Just as success has a rhythm and a vibration, so does poverty.  Your thoughts determine which type of rhythm and vibration you tap in to and how far you ride with it.  If you are constantly depressed, unhappy, and thinking angry thoughts — then you are attuning yourself to the negative.  If you are upbeat, think, speak, and display ideas of success, then your entire vibrational pattern (and the area directly around you) will draw (attract) events, experiences, and people who also vibrate to positive ideas of success.  Our emotions, as a result of our thoughts, create the pathway to either a successful vibration and rhythm or a pattern of failure.

With the principles of rhythm and vibration in mind, Ray’s way of teaching the student — that of celebrating the entire process of any working with enthusiasm — is a sure way to reach any successful goal.  In essence — you should enjoy all of it — the whole thing — the entire step-by-step process, to solidify the desired result.  You wish to ride the pendulum to success, and once reached, switch gears to the next successful cycle.

So, how do you do that?  By being excited and happy about what you want to achieve — not worried or fearful, or angry, or irritated.  Allow enthusiasm into the process.  Key your emotions to that of joy, not sorrow.  Invite creativity, happiness, and yes, even laughter, into the activities surrounding your working(s).  Be enthused about the objects you choose to enhance a working — the color, the texture, the sound, the aroma…all of it.  Love every bit of it, because what you love creates the emotional golden road to success.


It is that simple.

Why not take a moment and think about something happy.  Something that makes you smile.  Tap out a rhythm on the table or desk beside your computer that mimics how you feel.  This, then, is your basic rhythm of happiness.  (If you don’t like the New Age sound of the word “tap” then think “drum” as in drumming in a ritual circle.)  You can use the sound pattern you choose for happiness when empowering your mojo/conjuring bags.  Now, just for giggles, think of something you dislike.  Tap out a rhythm for that.  Excellent!  So!  We want to avoid that type of emotional pattern while working on our conjuring bags!

In this article I’m going to show you how to make four different Mojo (Conjuring/Gris-Gris) Bags without the aid of a sewing machine or needle and thread.  We’ll begin with the easiest examples and work up to the last one, which takes a little more time to produce.  All of the examples work equally well if you remember to accept the Rhythm of Joy to feed into the Desire  during the construction of the bag.  Think of each spell you cast as a marvelous opportunity for a unique and fulfilling treasure hunt!  Every item you place in the bag should mean something to you and make you excited that the item is going in the bag. If you believe that your ultimate success is possible, then you will receive!  As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, we’re going to start with the love bags in today’s installment.

The Braucherei Double Charm for Love

The first example, and the easiest to construct, is the Braucherei Double Charm.  The charm pictured here is for Love; however, if you like the ease of the construction, the basic process can be used for any purpose.  While putting together the instructions, I made two charms — one to draw love, and one for a happy marriage.  You will see pictures of both in the examples.  Unlike Hoodoo and other conjuring bags and paquettes, you will notice that the Braucherei Charm is very plain.  From the outside of the charm it looks like a simple sachet.  No color, trinkets, or other markings indicate this is a magickal vehicle.  The Braucherei Charm came from small town, rural society where everyone knew everybody’s business — hence the outer plainness of the charm.  For all anyone knew, it was simply a sachet you wore on your person, or placed among your stored clothing.  The charm with the ivory ribbon is for love, and the charm with the blue ribbon is for a happy marriage.

Before we begin, we need to be excited and happy about what we want to accomplish with the working.  What is the result we desire?  How does that make you feel?  If you have negative emotions, then you need to clear them away first, before you begin the charm.  Secondly, you must believe that the charm will work for you.  If you have doubts about your abilities, or are worried that you will never find love, then your beliefs about yourself need adjustment.  If you have any negative feelings (remember, they are the road to success or failure) toward such a love spell, then change the spell a bit to love yourself.  If you love yourself (in a positive way) then others will love you, too.  You will attract lots of love if your self-esteem is in good shape.  An excellent way to raise your self-esteem is through charitable acts towards others.  Not only are you helping another person, you are helping yourself at the same time.  A win-win situation.

Finally, what to you is the rhythm of love?  (or the type of love you desire).  Why not tap that out on the table?   Go ahead.  Nobody knows what you’re doing.  Let’er rip and get into it!  Now, remember that sound pattern/positive emotional feeling as you construct your Braucherei Double Charm for Love!

When To Make This Charm:  New Moon, on a Friday (Venus Day) while the moon is growing, in a Venus Hour (Check Planetary Hour tables in my books — there are even apps for planetary hour calculations for your area), when your natal Venus or Sun is well aspected.

Project Length:  Once supplies are gathered — ten to fifteen minutes.

Construction of the Braucherei Double Love Charm

The Braucherei Double Charm consists of two pieces of cloth.  Normally Red and White; but, if these colors don’t vibrate happiness and success to you, choose other colors.  For the basic construction you need only a piece of red cloth and a slightly larger piece of white cloth.  The size of cloth you use will determine how large the charm will be.  I used a 4 x 5 inch piece of red cotton cloth, and a 6 x 7 inch piece of white cotton cloth for the Love Charm and slightly smaller sizes for the Marriage Charm.  Other supplies in this example include:

Ribbon (to tie the charm shut and seal the working) Small brown paper heart cut out of a paper bag to signify love (Love Charm) A rendition of my own Happy Marriage Love Hex Sign (for the Happy Marriage Charm) A pen (to write the spell) Scissors (to cut the cloth and ribbon) Love Herbs of Your Choice — I chose dried rose petals (love) and African basil (blending energies) flowers from my garden, and cinquefoil (the traditional Pennsylvania German Five-Finger Grass) Perfume (optional) Holy Water (blessed water) A Rune (or runes) you feel vibrate to Love Hot Steam Iron (Makes the construction easier and produces a flatter, finished charm.  I always put blessed water in my iron and chant specific words associated with the working at hand when ironing the charms.  The iron also infuses the aroma of the herbs directly into the cloth.  The iron is not a necessity.) If this charm is for you, add a lock of your hair or fingernail clippings.  If this charm is for you and your husband or partner, with their permission, also add a lock of their hair.

Step One.  Gather all your supplies together.  Sprinkle them with holy water.  Bless them in the name of your deity.  Charge them in your own words (with clear intent) with what you wish to accomplish.

Collect your supplies.

Step Two.  Fold the bottom edge of the red cloth about 1 to 1.5 inches from the bottom.  Press with steam iron.  This is the pocket for your herbs and written charm.

Fold bottom of material up to make a pocket. Steam press before adding magickal items. This will help to hold the contents in place.

Step Three.  On the heart charm, write your words of empowerment, your name, and any runic symbols.  The Love Charm says:  Over land and over sea, Guardian Angel bring love to me.  Repeat the charm as you write it.  Seal the charm with three equal-armed cross markings somewhere on the paper.

Step Four:  Place the heart paper, herbs, (or hex sign), and the lock of your hair in the pocket.

Fold as shown in pictures.

Step Five:  Fold the right side over.  Press with iron.  Fold the left side over.  Press with iron.  Fold top corners down to look like an envelope.  Press with iron.

Folded Red Pocket

Step Six.  Fold packet neatly toward you (always fold toward yourself to bring things to you — away from yourself to push things away from you).  Your packet will look something like the one pictured below.  Note:  You can use a Steam A Seam product (1/4 inch double-sided tape that can hold two seams together after pressing) to keep your envelope flap secure.  You will find this type of product at a sewing outlet.

Place red packet in white cloth.

Step Seven:  Follow the same instructions with the white cloth as what you have already done with the red cloth, placing the red packet inside the white pocket, then folding as previously instructed.

Fold the white cloth in the same way you folded the red one.

Step Eight:  While saying your favorite chant or charm for empowerment (or the one you’ve written inside the packet) tie a ribbon around the Braucherei Double Charm and securely knot.  Spray with perfume (or holy water) three times, then seal the charm by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air three times over the packet.  Your charm is now ready for use in the way you see fit.  You can end the working here, or you can incorporate the Braucherei Double Charm in a larger spell or ritual.

Braucherei Double Love Charm

The Double Braucherei charm was normally worn on the body, next to the skin.  You can pin the charm to the inside of your clothing, or you can punch a hole through one corner and insert an eyelet.  String a ribbon through the eyelet to wear the charm around your neck.

This Braucherei Double Love Charm can be made for a variety of purposes from finding a sexual partner organizing your life to welcome a long-term relationship.  It can be made for the love and compassion of a good friend, as a gift for your child (the love you hold for your little one) with the addition of a Himmelsbrief (letter of protection).  From Happy Marriage to adding a little zing to an already good relationship, this little charm can be fashioned in any way you wish!

Many good smooches to you on this Valentine’s Day!

Stay tuned for the next installment:  The Circle of Protection Bag.  As with all other posts on this blog, if you would like to add your ideas or comments that will enhance the subject, please feel free to do so!

In service, Silver

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