Silver RavenWolf on Aries Moon and Himmelsbrief Protection Letter

Pagan Himmelsbrief (Letter of Protection) designed by Silver RavenWolf

This week I’ve been working on blending material art and magick.   My daughter wanted me to make her a patriotic themed quilt to go with the decor of her home.  After finishing the quilt top I had plenty of material left over for other pursuits, which got me to thinking about the traditional Himmelsbrief (letter of protection).   As today is a New Moon in Aries — this is the perfect time to empower a Himmelsbrief for a soldier, friend, family member who works under “fire” (such as a nurse, soldier, police person, EMT, doctor, fire fighter, or someone who works in a “dangerous” part of town).

I’ve provided a copy of my Himmelsbrief (above), should you wish to use it.  All I ask is that it not be sold as I have it here — although you can certainly put the Himmelsbrief in something that you wish to sell.   For example, I whipped up this prim piggy, stuffed with protective herbs and a paper himmelsbrief.

Primitive Patchwork Calico Piggy by Silver RavenWolf. Piggy contains Himmelsbrief, wintergreen leaf, Juniper Berries, Frankincense Resin, Whole Cloves and Lobelia Leaf.

I’m also working on a rag altar runner, using the same material as well as a printed copy of the Himmelsbrief on cloth, which I turned into an applique.

Designing Himmelsbrief Rag Altar Runner

Rag Himmelsbrief altar runner in progress.

An Aries New Moon is an excellent time to empower a Himmelsbrief, particularly done in the Mars hour.

Completed Himmelsbrief altar runner with applique stars.

It took me a day to create the runner because I spent so much time thinking about and working on the overall design.  This altar runner not only fits into summer decor, it also can serve as a wonderful piece of inspiration when working magick for those you love who are involved in “service”.  Don’t want anyone to know about the magick?  Turn the runner over when not in use.

Back of altar runner.

The Aries Moon provides a wonderful backdrop for workings of self-discovery, independence, new insights, initiative, disengaging from something negative, banishing curses and protecting others with a Warrior Spirit.  With the Sun exalted in Aries — success, speed, and force are at your fingertips.

What work can you do today, using the Himmelsbrief, (or the Aries Moon) to enhance the lives of those you love?

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