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Seven Days to Beat the Winter Blues

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Red Hot Seven Day Program To Beat the Winter Blues

Seven-Day Program To Banish the Winter Blues! by Silver RavenWolf 2011

Tell me about it!  You feel locked down, locked up, and hostage to biting cold, buckets of snow and sheets of ice.  Makes you not want to move, or do the turtle walk.  Perhaps you caught a bug and your eyeballs are drifting to the back of your head.  Your family is grumpy, your boss is being more of a jerk than usual, and strangers seem to be stranger all the time.

Yup.  You’ve been bitten with the winter blues, a common February malady if you’re stuck in the northern regions.  If it makes you feel any better, then join the club.  You are definitely not alone.  Although misery certainly does love companionship, its time to jack up the furnace and do the self-motivation polka.  Try these magickal and mundane tips to get your inner motor revving in any order you desire.  Complete one tip each day — and I guarantee we’ll melt those blues away!  If you like, light a white candle each day to symbolize your focus.  In Pow-Wow (Braucherei) we set one small stone out each morning or night for the verbalized intent.  By day seven, you will have seven stones placed on your altar.  You can later put these stones in a red power conjuring bag to keep that great energy moving!  Not into performing a seven day spell?  That’s okay.  Look over the list below and see which tip you might like to incorporate in your daily life.  Perhaps one feels like it carries more importance that the others right now for you.  That’s okay — follow your inner spirit!

Seven Days To Beat the Blues

Day One.  Connect with Spirit.  That’s a first and really a must if you want to shake those chilly blues into a more palatable mental martini.  Through meditation, ritual, or prayer — breathing deep and allowing yourself to connect with the infinite can’t be anything but healthy.

Day Two.  Once you’ve done that, check out your intent these days.  Just what is running on the hamster wheel this week?  If its negative — time to take control and change your thoughts.  Surrounded your brain with mental visualizations of warm breezes and summer sun, then pull those wishes and positive dreams into the scene.  Draw confidence from the fact that if you can think it?  You really can create it.  Try this affirmation from my HedgeWitch book:  “My world is filled with unlimited opportunity.  Opportunities that are right for me come easily.  I always choose that which will be best for myself and my family.”

Day Three.  Acknowledge what is good in your life.  Don’t be stingy.  Give it the old rah-rah go!  Smile when you think of all that is worthwhile, joyous, compassionate and generous.  I guarantee you’ll feel a heck of a lot better!  Try this affirmation:  “My personal journey is a worthwhile contribution to the world within and around me.  I always find riches and treasures wherever I travel.  The success I desire is already a part of me.  I see the truth of joy in all things.”

Day Four.  What’s your environment looking like?  Is it getting dirty?  Is it reflecting how you are feeling?  Adjust your environment and you adjust your life.  Time to take down those winter decorations and switch your style from that old holiday motif to something fresh and new.  Physical change can be a wonderful pick-me-up!  Try this affirmation from my HedgeWitch book:  “I accept the richness and abundance of the universe.  The pathway is always open for me to receive the gifts of earth.  I deserve and accept the gifts of an abundant universe!”

Day Five.  Switch your routine.  If you’re in a daily slump, change the times you do certain tasks, alternate days for particular household chores, or learn to combine activities to streamline your schedule.  Changing your perception changes the task.  Try this affirmation:  “Through my thoughts and actions, I am in complete control of my destiny.  I am the lightning and thunder of my own being.”

Day Six.  Allow yourself time, space, and energy to do what you love.  What you adore to do?  That’s why you’re here in the first place.  To deny it is to steal from yourself and ultimately derail your true mission in life.  Re-evaluate your intent (number 2) especially on the subject of your creativity.  I know you can cook up some really great stuff!  Give yourself permission to do it and stop fretting over what everyone else thinks.  Everyone else isn’t living your life — you are.  Try my affirmation from my HedgeWitch Book:  “I carry the fire of profound creativity within me.  I have access to the creative power of Spirit whenever I need it.”

Day Seven.   Change your interaction with others.  You already know where adjustments need to be made.  Don’t stress, just try.  Consider bringing some type of happiness to others each day.  Here is the final affirmation:  “Just like the sun and the moon, I bring light to the world.  I shine in everything I say and do.  Just like the power of the sun, I attract all good things into my world and share this light of good fortune with others.”

Just seven days, seven suns and seven moons, seven smiles and seven tunes.  You can do it!

Be sure to post how you are doing with these Seven Steps to Beating the Winter Blues.  I’ll check back and answer your comments.  If you come up with some better ideas — please do share them!

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