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Rum & Spice — and a Little Hermetic Philosophy

Rum and Spice Opportunity & Job Find Candles/Wax Melts and a Touch of Hermetic Philosophy

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

“The Hermetic Master, or advanced student, polarizes himself at the desired pole, and by a process akin to refusing to participate in the backward swing or, if you prefer, a denial of its influence over him, stands firm in his polarized position, and allows the mental pendulum to swing back along the unconscious plane.” — The Kybalion — A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece by Three Initiates.

Meaning, when the crap hits the fan, don’t get your emotional knickers in a twist.  Concentrate on what you do want to happen rather than diva-dramatic-bull that doesn’t serve anyone, least of all you.

Yeah, I know, the economy is triple bad and there you sit either stuck in a totally awful job or maybe worse, no job at all…for months…maybe longer.  You feel you’re hanging on to what little self-esteem you have by shredded fingernails.  The end of the month often finds you counting your change just to eat or buy gas to drive to work.

Very painful.

If you hate your current employment or, if unemployed, harbor nasty feelings about your old job, you may have inadvertently cut your pretty nose off to spite your beautiful face.  The energy you manufacture with your negative feelings can block your path to success better than an upended eighteen-wheeler.  Time to get back on the clear road again.

Focus on the dream.

Be the junkyard dog with the bone.


1.  Monitor what you think.  No more fears or worries.  Set up positive visualizations to use whenever you think about the future and the job you want.  Think clearly about what these words mean to you:  Job, Employment, Opportunity, and Advancement.  Are your definitions in any way negative?  When you think of the word “job” for example, do you experience a flood of negative emotions?  Then its time to affix new, positive emotions to that word. 2.  Don’t piss and moan verbally for all to hear.  Keep your conversation positive.  Whatever you speak aloud carries energy weight.  If you are bitching more than anything else…guess what you’re going to get?  More stuff to bitch about. 3.  Tailor your actions toward your goals.  Do what it takes to get you there, one step at a time, and allow Spirit to guide you to opportunities you might not even have thought about.

If you are having trouble focusing on the positive — think about the energies of good fortune and joy.  Adding this type of energy (focusing on happiness) can take the sting out of indecision.

A Little Bit of Magick

To help some of my friends and family members with their unemployment situations, I created a general formula for candles and wax melts that can be spiced up with other additives if they desire:

Orange colored Wax — Soy or Paraffin (orange for opportunity)

Fragrance:  Bay Rum blended with Spice and Honeysuckle — I mixed three fragrances together to obtain the energy I wanted.  Bay Rum to entice the Happy Spirits; Spice to speed up the process and pave the way; Honeysuckle to attract positive energies.

Ground Herbals:  Cinnamon (for speed and clarity); Allspice (for good fortune); Devils Shoestring (to attract employment and good income).  Grind into a powder for candles (because herbal chunks can be a fire hazard).  If you are making wax melts, you can use small pieces.  You can add other herbals to boost the power of your working such as ginger, cinquefoil, etc.  Be creative!

Timing to Make or Burn:  I used Moon in Capricorn, or you can use a New Moon, or a moon sign that lends itself to the type of employment or opportunity you desire.


“The Law of Compensation is that the swing in one direction determines the swing in the opposite direction.” –The Kybalion — A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece by Three Initiates.

Start swinging in the direction you want.

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