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Release Week – Day One – Friday #silverravenwolf

2017 Release Week!  A Magickal Program for Life Improvement – Free!



Welcome to this year’s Release Program!  Release Week is a 7-day magickal program designed to bring you closer to the AWESOME that is totally you!  All you have to do?  Release/let go of one physical thing every day.  All the other ideas in the program are cake – you can do them if you like…or not… just be sure you release that one physical object each day.  You can either throw the object out or give it away – the main point is to– Let Go! Of one thing each day.

Please note that this year I will be posting a day ahead.

This was done to help those who:

Are in a different time zone Like to work ahead Need to see a plan before they can work well

Please also note that we are using the Almanac Quarter Division for the monthly astro info — not the 8 Phase moon model.  This may confuse someone who isn’t familiar with both types of moon information.

This year I planned Release Week to coincide with a third quarter moon – a good time to shake off the negative!  Today is…

Friday – 13 January 2017 3rd Quarter Moon in Leo Venus Day

A super lucky day!  With a Leo Moon and a Venus day you may hit this program with incredible gusto!  Wanna throw out more than one thing?  You have at that!  Today, we’re going to do the one-minute-dash.  In exactly 60 magickal seconds, how much can you pick up, put away or throw out?

On your mark!

Get set!

Go! Go! Go!

Beautiful!  How did you do?  Now, let’s go for the three-minute-dash.  In three minutes, how much can you pick up, put away or throw out?  Go! Go! Go!


If you are working the program with your family – have a race!  Who can throw out the most clutter/junk in 60 seconds?  3 minutes?  Winner gets a special treat!  Is this a coven challenge?  Who can throw out or donate the most?  Pot Luck celebration at the end of the week!

Take advantage of any delays today by using them to clean up something you wouldn’t have thought about ordinarily.

Today’s Theme:  Underwear!  Perfect for a Venus Day!

The foundation of you is your underwear (if you use it).  The kind of underwear you choose says a lot about you and your state of mind!  Today’s challenge is to throw out your tattered underwear and replace with new (if you can afford it).  If finances are too tight for replacement – throw out the worst offender.  While you are at it?  Rearrange your clothing drawers in dressers or closet.

What if you have already done today’s goal?  Pick another!  Don’t let the day slip by without making it useful to you!

This Week’s Main Goal

Pick one goal that you would like to achieve with this week’s program.  This goal can be a particular area of the home or work environment that could use a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) – or, something that you have been meaning to get to – but, haven’t.  Each day, try to do a little bit to achieve that goal.  It doesn’t have to be cleaning or clearing, either.  Perhaps you meant to mail something to someone, and it has been too much of a pain to take the time to get it there.  Or, maybe you intended to organize the songs you write and submit at least one for review?  Go! Go! Go!

Today, write down your goal and paste it in a prominent place in the home (or at work) where you will see it frequently.  Decorate your goal paper every time you take a step toward completion – use stars, stickers…whatever!  Be sure that you have a reward planned for finishing your goal!  And, speaking of awards…plan one for completing this 7-day release program!

Special Projects for this Week

Candle Magick:  Empower and burn one white candle each day.  What are you going to empower that candle for?  Entirely up to you.  Take the time to inscribe your desire with a stylus, pin, needle head or nail on the candle.  Surround with matching herbs if you like.  Each day we will burn one white candle focused on a particular goal (can be tea, chime, or taper).  It can be the same purpose (recommended as you are clearing the way each day to accomplish the goal) or you can do a different goal each day – you choose.

Need Dolly:  Take a trip out into the woods and pick up two sticks and something that you can use to make a dolly head – seed pod, moss, whatever.  I used half of a tulip poplar seed head in the example posted here and garnet chip eyes.  The pumpkin seeds are not only for good fortune but, also to help the family “slip” easily out of debt and stay out of the clutches of thieves.  The rags that I used for the skirt are dipped in Universal Fluid Condenser to help “amp” the power of the doll when she/he is released next Friday.  If you don’t have any Universal Fluid Condenser, use a magickal oil of your preference instead.


When you get home from your trip in the woods (or park, or wherever you decided to take your walk) bless the items you have collected and construct the dolly using string, yarn or twine.  Some say the poppet should be made of natural things as the process is about communicating with the spirits of the earth/nature to help you fulfill a need.  However, I have found that how you feel about what you are doing is most important — if your instinct says you can add glitter and a dime?  You go!  You can decorate your need dolly as fancy or plain as you like – just remember that the image will be destroyed at the end of the week — therefore, don’t get too attached to Need Dolly (meaning don’t be needy about keeping the doll!).  This is a project where we learn to let go.  This spirit doll represents all the things you need AND your effort to motivate yourself and the Universe to bring opportunities and energies to you to fulfill those needs.  As you make the doll, talk to it and tell it what is missing in your life.  Tell the doll your deepest concerns.  What you need the most.  Don’t be shy.  You can create the doll in sacred space or a conjured circle – the magick you add to its construction is your choice.  You will not choose wrong – so have at it!  Hold the doll close to your lips when you speak to it so that your breath touches the doll repeatedly.  This breath becomes its “breath of life”.  When you are finished, draw an equal-armed cross in the air over the doll, and set the doll in a prominent place in the home or at work.  It should be able to see and experience your life on a daily basis – for 7 days.  On the last day of the program, we will send the doll out to bring back what you desire.  It will be dispatched by one of the four elements – you will choose how the dolly leaves.  Over the course of the next 7 days, you may find that your needs or desires are changing – that is okay – right before you dispatch the doll you will have a chance to be clear, concise and succinct in your command before it leaves your hands forever.

Note:  You can find Sybil Leek’s recipe for Universal Fluid Condenser here:

Have fun with today’s various opportunities for change!!  See ya tomorrow!

Love, Silver and Taco Cat


Do several one-minute or three-minute dashes. Clean out and organize your underwear drawer. Write down a goal you would like to accomplish this week.  Think about how you can fit this purpose into your schedule. Choose your rewards (one for the goal and one for finishing the program at the end of the week). Empower and burn one white candle. Throw or give one thing away.

Please Note:  The idea for the Need Dolly came from a conversation I had this winter with G.T. Long, Author — Michigan

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