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Lemon Verbena – Let the Release Begin!

by Silver RavenWolf


Ruled by Mercury and associated with the element of air, Lemon Verbena is a hardy, easy to cultivate plant that enjoys the garden life.  Its potent lemon aroma is extremely pleasant, and the scent holds well when the leaves are dried naturally by hanging from the ceiling or on stewed on a mesh screen.  These aromatic leaves are a perfect choice for potpourri, dream pillows, love or cleansing poppets, intention dreaming dolls, sachets, soaps or spell candles if ground well and the tough veins removed (for soaps and spell candles).  Lemon Verbena quickly grows into a lovely bush and holds its own through general weather conditions, lasting right up through November in my garden.

Traditionally, lemon verbena is used to strengthen other herbals and workings, and the plant is considered a “power booster” in magickal applications.  (Use with vervain and chili peppers to  really rev a working).  The leaves are thought to help to break and subsequently scatter old patterns, pulverize recurring negative thoughts, and energy that has gotten “stuck”.  Use the plant with water (either as an offering or asperging) when working to remove negativity.  Some practitioners use the crushed leaves in love spells as the scent is highly pleasing to most people and lingers well, helping the person to remember you after you have walked away.  A lemon verbena candle burning softly on the sidelines can help to “set the mood” in the dance of love and passion.

I have had great success using lemon verbena candles and in herb, bunches to cleanse the environment, create sacred space, banish nightmares, and “break the hold” of negative circumstances.  I often burn a lemon verbena tea candle before meditation or use one to scent the air in the morning or evening during my yoga practice to keep the area clear of negativity and encourage mindful work.

In my own experiments on dreaming magicks and herb blends for dream pillows, lemon verbena has changed the pattern of disconcerting or negative dreams to more vivid, and more helpful, scenarios — although sometimes they are cryptic and I need to do free-form word association to understand the message.  In dreaming, the plants encourages you to “find your Zen” and, in my experience, will try to help you understand your spiritual purpose.  Lemon Verbena invites active use of your creativity, whether you need a solution to a nagging problem or wish to dance with your personal muse!

Plants have their own, individual personalities (patterns) that can be helpful in many aspects of daily, human life.  Lemon Verbena is of the more jazzy sort, ready and willing to help you in the adjustment process of day-to-day living.  Cleansing, clearing, invention, peace, purpose — and a little sweet love thrown in — not a bad herbal character to add to your magickal cabinet!


Silver RavenWolf Autumn 2017

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