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How To Make Your Own Braucherei Activation Elixir to Empower any Object or Activate Petitions

You can store your finished Braucherei Activation Elixir by Silver Ravenwolf

You can store your finished Braucherei Activation Elixir in any spray bottle or glass jar. Be sure to properly mark the container.

How To Make Your Own Braucherei Activation Elixir

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

A Braucherei Activation Elixir is an herbal, water, and alcohol formula created by the magickal practitioner.  The elixir can be sprayed on objects, tools, and craft items in an effort to enhance the overall power of the working.  Think of the elixir as an energy drink for things, an herbal zap to awaken the item.  The Activation Elixir should not to be ingested and is for spraying or sprinkling only on inanimate objects.  The elixir can be a part of the blessing and consecration process, or it used further on in the working.  When the elixir is used is entirely up to the practitioner. You can spray the Activation Elixir on poppets, candles, petitions, ritual tools, sachets, arts and craft projects…its use is almost unlimited!

Making the Activation Elixir is very easy and takes only a few minutes to prepare.  However, the activation of the Elixir itself takes approximately 48 hours as the formula should set for 24 hours before the simple ritual process begins, allowing the herbs and resins to thoroughly infuse the water/alcohol mixture.  Then, the Elixir is held to the dawn and blessed, to the midday sun and blessed, to the coming of twilight and blessed, to the sound of the clock striking at midnight to be blessed, and if you are very sincere… held to the heart of the home at halfnight (3:00 A.M.)  These are the Braucherei times of magick.  The good part of this formula is that you don’t have to bless it all in one day/night if your schedule is just too busy.  You can bless it at dawn today, noon tomorrow, twilight the next day, etc., as long as you keep the blessings in order and finish them all before you use the formula.


Here are the supplies you will need to make the Activation Elixir.  This elixir is entirely of my own creation.  You will not find the formula printed anywhere but here.  I have used the formula for several magickal operations, including find a job for a good friend, empowering poppets and fetish dolls, obtaining an important contract, and even winning a small amount in the lottery.

Two canning jars (or something similar) and one lid 6 ounces of spring water, heated 2 ounces of Vodka Strainer or cheesecloth (a twisted coffee filter also works) Spray Bottles (for your end product) Clear Bowl Wooden Spoon One Red Candle (I used a Dragon’s Blood candle) One piece of brown paper Pen

The Herbal Formula: Use only a small amount if measurement is not listed

One dried orange peel 1/2 ounce of dark coffee Allspice One piece of Ginger Two bay leaves Nutmeg Chamomile One small piece of Dragons Blood Resin One small piece of Frankincense Resin One High John Root Brown Sugar (just a pinch will do)

The Instructions

Although the best time to begin this mixture is at dawn on a New Moon, life doesn’t always allow us to brew up potions at specific times, and as you will be empowering the elixir at dawn you can skate on the preparation time if you must.

Step One.  Gather all your supplies.  Bless your supplies in the name of your deity.  Charge all objects in your own words (with clear intent) with what you wish to accomplish – in this case to blend together to become a positive force of activation.  Instruct the objects to work together for the purpose you have given.  I often run the palm of my right hand over all the objects in a circular fashion, imagining the energy of the objects blending in a colorful mass that changes to pure, white light.

You can write wishes or commands on the bay leaf with black pen.

Step Two.  Mix the dry ingredients of your herbal formula in a clear bowl.  Pour this mixture into one of the clean, empty canning jars.

Step Three.  Add the six ounces of hot water to the jar.  Let cool to room temperature.  Add the vodka.

Activationelixir by silver ravenwolf

Step Four.  Write the following incantation on the piece of brown paper.  This is my charm that I use for many different magicks.

From Nothing to Something I will this thing to form I KNOW that it will manifest and to this world be born.

Draw any activation runes or designs you like on the paper.  Finish by drawing three equal-armed crosses on the paper.  I always recite the charm many times while constructing it.  Blow three times on the paper.  Place the paper in the jar.  Many Braucherei practitioners have used this technique to empower liquids for a variety of purposes.

Step Five.  Stir the elixir with the wooden spoon as many times as you feel necessary to begin the blending process.  Repeat the chant given above, keeping in mind that you are manifesting an activation liquid.

Step Six.  Set brew aside for at least twenty-four hours.  Strain out the herbal formula.  Give the used herbs to the earth.  You can save the dragons blood, the High John Root and the cinnamon sticks to place in your spray bottle if you like, or keep them in the jar, or allow them to dry and use elsewhere.  The formula will have a slightly sweet aroma.

Step Seven.  Begin the blessing process.  In your own words, ask for the blessings of Spirit to be placed upon this Elixir at dawn, noon, twilight, midnight, and halfnight.

Step Eight.  Once the blessing process is completed, cap the jar and set a red candle on the lid of the strained elixir.  Allow to burn completely, although be sure this occurs in a fire safe area or container and the working is monitored at all times.  (See the picture below.)  You can place the jar in a big pot, for example, or in the kitchen sink (away from curtains).  You can also use a tea candle if you feel a votive or taper will take too long.  Repeat the chant above nine times as you light the candle.  This is the final act of empowerment.  Draw three equal-armed crosses in the air over the candle to seal the working.

activation elixir

Step Nine.  Pour the Elixir into clearly marked spray bottles.  Store your Activation Elixir in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Make sure your Elixir is well marked, and place warning signs on the container that it should not be ingested.

You can use your Activation Elixir for any magickal process (just don’t drink it).  There is one last trick I’d like to share with you, and that’s the final empowerment process of the elixir.  I warn you, it takes practice.  Although it sounds simple in words, actually being quick with your hands is another matter.  The trick is simply this:

To empower the bottle in the spirit world you draw three circles in the air with the bottle in your dominant hand.  Then, you quickly toss the bottle through the invisible circle, punch your hand  through the invisible circle and catch the bottle before it drops.

Um.  Don’t try this with a glass bottle.

The thought here is that as you threw the bottle (quickly) into the circle area, it drew in the positive energies from another realm, then, as you catch it and draw it back, you are drawing that power into your world.

Yeah.  Takes practice.  Have at it.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within.


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