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Great Release Program — Day 9 — 9 December 2013 — Monday


Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects) Moon in Pisces — Spirituality, Illusion, Psychism, Ability to See the Big Picture, Purification (Water) Monday — (Ruled by the Moon — Water) Today:  Angels of Pisces

Angels of the astrological sign of Pisces concentrate on helping you dream your most important goals.  They work on your requests of understanding, inner happiness, spiritual healing, and instinct.  Their prime directive focuses on opening the way to deep understanding of the self and the world around you.  To seek their help is to accept your enhancement of the power of listening, good timing, and wisdom.

This time of year many spiritual people find themselves embattled between the “reason for the season” and commercial pressures.  Buy-Buy-Buy and you are a good person.  Be frugal and you are a disappointment to yourself and your loved ones.  Young and old stress that they cannot make the dreams of others come true because they don’t have the money to do so.  Pisces angels can help you rise above such pressure, assisting you to find and create expressions of love that won’t put you into bankruptcy.  They light the way of imagination — giving you gifts of inspiration that you can share with your family and friends.

Think back to your childhood associated with this time of year.  Are the memories pleasurable?  Or not?  Are painful memories associated with lack or disappointment?  Is that why you are struggling so hard this season — so that those around you will not feel what you felt?  If this is so, it is time to let these feelings go.  To release them and replace them with spiritual healing — let the Pisces Angels help you step up into a world where creating joyful memories for yourself and others is more important than purchasing the latest toy, the best electronic gizmo, or the most beautiful jewelry on the market.

The best part of the Earth plane isn’t stuff — it is the memories we make here.  Today, take a few moments to plan pleasant activities — the stuff that memories are made of.  If I said to you:  This year you can’t spend any money on a physical gift — your challenge is to make one pleasant memory for each family member — what interesting activities might you create?  Light a white or purple candle and ask the Pisces Angels for inspiration.  Why not play some seasonal music?  Sit quietly and breath deeply, accepting the love and joy of the Pisces Angels.  You can even set a bowl of clear water beside the candle to help activate their flowing energy.  As you receive ideas, write them down.   The number nine (9) is an incredibly powerful key in Braucherei workings.  Finish your time with the Pisces Angels by choosing one affirmation tailored to make your life better from this moment on.  For example, “This holiday season I will walk with grace, speak with eloquence, and endeavor to freely give and accept joy.”   You can go about your day letting the candle burn, or you can put it out after you are finished.  Why not use some of your ideas in the days and weeks to come?

Your Challenge Today:  Is a fun one!  Go through your underwear drawer!  Get rid of the ragged ones and replace with new.  What you wear close to your skin affects your overall energy pattern (no kidding).  Dirty, stained, ragged clothing lowers self-esteem, which in turn damages and erodes our feelings of personal power.  You don’t have to replace your underwear with the most expensive variety (although you can).

Summary — Today we discussed the power of Pisces Angels and dealing emotionally with the upcoming holiday season.  Our goal this year is to create memories during this month that will last a long time.  Activities of joy rather than purchases of things.  If we have unpleasant memories of past holidays, we are affirming that we are ready to let them go, so that we can make room for joy in our lives and in the lives of those around us.  We are going to let that positive energy softly flow around us and out into the world — creating the harmony that we all desire.  True harmony?  Starts with the self.

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual. (2)  Make a petition to the Pisces Angels (in any way you desire). (3)  Let go of painful feelings attached to the current season. (4)  Write an affirmation that will support your desire for a better life.  Pin that affirmation somewhere that you will see it every day. (5)  Clean out your underwear drawer! (6)  Do one Mad Minute cleaning exercise. (7)  Throw out, give away, or upcycle one physical item. (8)  Don’t forget to give yourself gold stars on your calendar for what you have completed!  Reward is important!

Tomorrow!  Wash your front door.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within Only the good remains.


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