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Great Release Program — Day 8 — 8 December 2013 — Sunday

I created this manifestation conjuration a few years ago to help individuals use words of power that can bring good fortune, wishes, and their desires to them.  Simple to learn, it takes out much of the confusion when spell casting or trying to focus on a particular desire.

I created this manifestation conjuration a few years ago to help individuals use words of power that can bring good fortune, wishes, and their desires to them. Simple to learn, it takes out much of the confusion when spell casting or trying to focus on a particular need.  The charm works incredibly well with other Braucherei (Pow-Wow) techniques.

Great Release Program Day 8 December 8th, 2013

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects) Moon in Pisces — Spirituality, Illusion, Psychism, Ability to See the Big Picture, Purification (Water) Sunday — (Ruled by the Sun – Fire) Sunday’s Angel — Michael

Day 8 brings us to our first quarter marker of the program.  Take a few moments today to decide if the program is making you feel better.  Is there something you would like to change in your approach to the work?  Remember, the only necessity is to release at least one thing every day.  Just one.  All the rest just motors you forward faster to a marvelous new you!

Our work today centers on yourself.  Today is Sunday, ruled by the Sun.  This energy is all about the self — willpower, personal success, self-motivation, your life energy and your path in general.  With the Moon in Pisces, your emotions may center on personal recovery, spirituality, creative thinking and psychic pursuits.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a planet of camouflage, inspiration, and fantasy.  Lower vibrations of Neptune include self-delusion, confusion, and the desire to self-medicate.  In a positive light, the combination of the Sun and Neptune can allow your mind to rise to meet angelic energy and internalize deep, and lasting change.

Today’s work is a bit different than the other days.  Today is about you.  Perform a spiritual cleansing that includes a bath or shower, followed by a change of completely clean clothes.  Give yourself time to relax, listen to music, meditate, drum, sing, or do something creative.  Your main goal today is to link-up with your guardian angel — that angelic being that specifically watches over you and tries to assist you in any way that he or she can.  If you see a deceased family member as your guardian, do take time to honor that individual with a gift of prayer, incense, flowers or food.

In a personal ritual, you may wish to light a gold candle for self (Sunday’s association) and a white candle for your guardian angel.  Here, you are “setting the light” on thoughts of personal higher spirituality, and showing a willingness to connect and improve your relationship to Spirit by working with your guardian.  Candles, however, are not necessary — they are simply a tool so that you can impregnate the field within you and the field around you with the power of the focused mind directed toward self-harmony.

You can call your guardian angel in your own words, or you can use the invocation on page 106 in my Angels, Companions in Magick book.  Spend at least a few minutes concentrating on the communication between yourself and your guardian.  Allow those positive feelings to wash over you.  Accept loving change, and if you are really in a bad spot, say aloud that you accept positive change.  If you are having trouble remembering to connect with your guardian angel, you may wish to empower a token to put in your pocket to remind yourself that you are never alone, and that the love of the universe is always around you, always accessible — you just have to open up and let this energy into your being.

When you are finished, go into the bathroom or kitchen, turn on the warm water, and hold your hands under the running water.  Start a mantra of release, whispering all that you need and want to let go of.  Hate.  Pain.  Fear.  Debt.  Unhappiness.  Sickness.  For example, you might begin by saying, “I let go of all the pain in my life.  I let go of sickness.  I let go of fear.  I let go of self-hatred.  I let go of…..” Just keep rattling on, letting all the negative crap rise to the surface of your mind and spit it out of your mouth.  You may cry, or feel angry — that’s actually very good!  It is a sign that you are truly completing the release.  Keep your hands under the running water until you feel calm, at peace and loved.  In your lifetime?  Perhaps this is the most powerful rite you will ever do.  Don’t stop until peace enters your heart.  When you are finished, dry your hands; but, leave the water running.  Think of one thing you truly need to manifest in your life right now.  Got it?  If you like, you can light a gold candle and set the candle in a safe holder by the sink.  In Braucherei, we work with water and fire as a personal cleansing technique before many spells and rituals.

Okay, now state aloud what you truly need.  Then, repeat the following chant nine times:

From nothing to something I will this thing to form I know that it will manifest And to my world be born!

You can rephrase “this thing” to the desire — such as “Prosperity” — “I will prosperity to form”, or “I will the right answer to form”.

The idea here, is to get into a cadence that flows, where the words  ride your sacred breath as if you are floating on a pleasant, warm breeze, then so does the field within you and outside of you adjust into the harmony of the request.  When you are finished, seal the working by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air.  Followed by, “Only the Good Remains –As above, so Below — my desire is sealed.”

This type of working can also be done with a small fountain, by sitting in front of the running water and making your request, followed by the chant.  When your request has been granted — change the water in the fountain.  As a note, you can also work with gems and water in this way — for example, let’s say you need the truth of a situation.  Call on your Guardian Angel for assistance, shake or rub a tiger eye gemstone in your hands until it becomes warm while simultaneously breathing deeply (from your toes to the tip of your nose!) then hold the stone under running water while you say the above charm.  You will usually get your answer in about 24 to 48 hours.  Water moves quickly as a magickal element if heated or flowing.

Now…go tackle that nasty closet!

Summary:  Today we talked a bit about Pisces/Neptune energy, covered welcoming your guardian angel (or re-connecting) energy into your life, and performed a Braucherei manifestation spell for something you desire.  The words of the spell are my own, the technique used is Braucherei — cleansing yourself with the element of water, igniting your field within and without with the power of speech, whispering the words, repeating those words 9 times, working with the running water, and sealing the work.

(1)  Be sure to do your Morning Braucherei Ritual. (2)  Don’t forget your wish water. (3)  Remember to breathe deeply. (4)  Do a personal spiritual cleansing. (5)  Connect with your Guardian Angel (6)  Do the manifestation spell if you like. (7)  Perform at least two Mad Minute exercises. (8) Clean the WORST closet in the house. (9)  Throw at least one thing away (give or upcycle) — this is the most important part of today’s work.

Tomorrow:  Here it is, Rita…. Clean out your underwear drawer!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within! Only the Good Remains


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