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Great Release Program — Day 6 — 6 December 2013 — Friday

Imagination, Creativity, Innovation and Joy encourage powerful healing.  Magick is natural -- just like laughter.   When we put too many rules into place, we hamper our power.  Work from the heart and you can't go wrong.

Imagination, Creativity, Innovation and Joy encourage powerful healing. Magick is natural — just like laughter. When we put too many rules into place, we hamper our power. Work from the heart and you can’t go wrong.

Day Six — Friday — Great Release Program — 6 December 2013 by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects) Moon in Aquarius — Innovative, Humanitarian, Endurance, Delight in the Imaginative (Air) Friday —  ruled by Venus — (Air and Earth) Friday’s Angel: Haniel

Venus rules the arts, relationships, friends, partners, love, passion, marriage, beauty, negotiations, peace, and decorating.  She also rules fast cash, education and strategy.    Most importantly, the energy of Venus is like a magnet — it attracts, drawing people, things, and events to you.  Haniel is part of the Virtue angelic hierarchy.  He is a “miracle angel” and his job is to move massive quantities of spiritual energy to the earth plan to envelope you with love, peace, joy, harmony and affection.  Haniel is the ruling angel of the month of December and his name means “glory shining”. He can be invoked as a defender against evil and has been associated with the Goddess Ishtar.  Others have compared his energy to that of Kwan-Yin.  Not only does Haniel bring loving energy to you, he also mediates and negotiates, infusing a quarrelsome situation with wisdom and love.  If you are having problems within your family or with a co-worker, Haniel can help.  Like the planet Venus, Haniel rules the arts, music, and beauty in all things.  Haniel’s signs are those of love — birds cooing, a love song on the radio, moments where you suddenly realize the monumental beauty around you, a surprise gift, the delight of a puppy thinking a boot is a monster and then grabbing that boot and proudly scampering across the floor — and more.  Haniel has a special love for baby animals.  If you call, Haniel will answer.

Today might be a good day for you to make an attraction oil, such as Lodestone Oil, used to draw good fortune, prosperity, opportunity and money toward you.  All you need is a carrier oil (sunflower, olive, jojoba, etc.), a jar and seven loadstones.  Bless your supplies, then (if you like) light a green or white candle.  One by one, drop each lodestone into the oil, saying “Good Fortune is all around me.  Good Fortune is in me.  I am Good Fortune!”  Don’t forget to breath deeply, running the energy from your feet to the top of your head, and then exhaling out into your hands, and then into the jar of oil.  If you like, “feed” the lodestone oil with Golden or Silver magnetic sand.  Pass the light (which is a form of “setting the light” of Spirit into the oil) clockwise around the jar nine times, once again repeating:  “Good Fortune is all around me.  Good Fortune is in me.  I am Good Fortune.”  Finish the working by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the top of the jar.  This is to seal what you have done.  Allow the candle to finish burning.  If you live in colder climes, you can place the jar in the window of your home that faces East, and leave it there for seven days.  If you live in a hotter climate, intense heat will spoil the oil, so you may wish to place it out of the direct light into softer, diffused light.  After seven days, strain the oil into bottles and wash the loadstones (so that you can use them again for other workings).  If refrigerated, the oil will last about one year.  If not, about six months.  Use the oil any time you wish to draw something to you — such as Good Luck, an opportunity, a job, a friend, a pet, a partner, a raise, money, etc.  Dot the oil on conjuring bags, on candles, or even wax melts.  You can also use it to draw attraction symbols on the money in your wallet, or on petitions that will later be burned.  Remember to mark the date on the oil bottles.  I usually add the astrological info as well (such as Sag Sun/Venus Day/Aquarius Moon).  If you need to ramp up the power of the oil, keep a small piece of lodestone in the bottle or add a quartz crystal.  If you don’t have any loadstones, you can use seven small magnets purchased from your local craft store.

Note:  Mercury in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces today — if you need to separate yourself from disillusionment, or from someone whose veracity is questionable, this energy can give your magickal working for that situation a helpful boost.

The Great Release Program is really all about love –– about loving yourself and your environment by taking the time to care for yourself and where you live or work.  Over the years in this program many of us have shared our angst when we tried to make the program work, and a partner or other family member digs in their heels and appears to purposefully derail your efforts.  One way to get these folks on board is to explain that “to receive” one must “release” — and that new stuff and experiences can’t occur until you make room for them.  If someone in the home (or in the office) is being particularly difficult this year, call on Haniel, asking for wisdom, joy, and harmony to enter the situation.  Because people are the way they are (sometimes you have to hit them up side the mythical head) your request may take up to thirty days to come to fruition — but, come it will!  You will see signs along the way.  This is how Haniel keeps you motivated.  Basically, he’s saying, “I’m working on it.  I’m moving the energy.  Patience is important.”  However, if you are in a physical or emotionally abusive relationship right now, please consider going to the authorities, a counselor, or Crisis Center or call a Crisis Hotline.  I’ve been there.  You need to take care of yourself!  Angels will certainly help you; but, you need to take the necessary steps yourself  to ensure your safety.

With the combination today of Sagittarius Sun, the Aquarius Moon, and Venus Day doing something artfully crafty and unusual may truly inspire you.  Perhaps getting into the mood of the season is called for today — erecting and decorating your Yule tree, creating the family Yule Log, baking cookies, or whipping up a favorite solstice goodie.

Today’s Challenge:  Clean out one drawer — the worst one in the house!

Everyone has at least one junk drawer (sometimes several).  Your challenge today is to go through at least one drawer (the worst one), organize and clean it.  The more drawers you do today, the more you will change the energy in that room by cleaning “what is hidden” — which helps to create a more stable base energy.


Today we talked about Venus energy.  The most important thing to remember?  Venus “attracts” like a magnet.  We learned about the angel Haniel and how he can assist you.  We also learned how to make lodestone oil, and that taking advantage of the Venus/Aquarius moon combination for artistic endeavors can be a real boost.

(1)  Remember to do your Braucherei Morning Ritual. (2)  Don’t forget those nice, long slow breaths. (3)  Do something artsy today! (4)  Clean out at least one drawer (the worst if you can). (5)  Do three (3) Mad Minute exercises!

Tomorrow’s Challenge:  The Oven

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within. Only the Good Remains.


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