Great Release Program – Day 30 – Monday – 30 December 2013

The Angel of Closure — sometimes we fear closure because we are afraid that we will be hurt — by what, we are not sure; but, just the thought of suffering turns us away from closure. Sadly, to end the suffering we need to choose closure, rather than continuance. This digital art work is about closure with protection — the Helm of Awe, the Names of God, the protective sigil in the wand, a Himmelsbrief  (letter of protection) carried by George Washington, and the runes upon the door. The message is: You can close with peace, harmony and protection — endings need not be filled with fire, hate, or fear.

Great Release Program Day Thirty! Monday 30 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth) Fourth Quarter Moon – Release and Rest Moon in Sagittarius – Speed, Honesty, Good Luck, Achievement Monday — Ruled by the Moon Today:  Angels of Closure

Lunar phases repeat on the same calendar day every 19 years.  This year, the New Moon occurs on January 1st, 2014.  The last time this occurred was in 1995 and the next time it will occur (after this New Year) is 2033.  Although the calendar New Year isn’t magickal in the sense of astrological timing or holy celebration, it has become a dynamic force in and of itself due to the amount of energy raised by people around the world and their subsequent focus of that energy.  Theoretically, if you really wanted to change the world — then, as a collective, the most important day and time to work would be New Year’s Eve, when the countdown begins to the new year.  From television, to radio, to social media more people are connected under one theme than at any other time of the year.

If we all concentrated on love and compassion — think of the amazing change that would occur!

The New Moon is a conjunction of the Moon and Sun — their energies of will and emotion (two integral aspects of magick) are working in tandem.  How that energy plays out is entirely up to you.  With the New Moon in Capricorn the theme is all about structure, and this is where you can make the most headway in your life if you choose to use this energy in your magickal workings.  Capricorn is a go-getter sign, ruled by Saturn, and falls under the element of Earth.  Capricorn is all about patience, duty, completion, resolution, structure, standards, practicality, concentration, delegation, respect, older people, fathers, bosses, tradition, management, authority figures, and time.  At your fingertips is a marvelous window to direct this energy into a positive, strong wave of change for yourself.

And in changing yourself?

You change others.

Amazing, isn’t it?

And, if you work magick on New Year’s Eve, right at the moment of that energy swirl thundering across the planet — what do you think would happen?

Today’s angelic energy welcomes the Angels of Closure.  These beings help you to shut the door on worry, fear, pain, negative memories, hatred, bad habits — anything that should be removed from your life permanently because that energy or issue is hampering you from succeeding.  Sometimes, we are afraid of closure because we view it as a loss, or because we fear that we will suffer.  The problem is, when we stand still due to fear, worry, pain, grief, sorrow…its like sitting in a dirty diaper for days, the foulness eating at our very flesh, the smell overcoming reason, pressing us not to move; but, to remain stationary so that maybe we won’t hurt.

Gross analogy, I know — but, it got your attention didn’t it?

Time to peel off the pain, the sorrow, the unhappiness and move forward.  Today, call on the Angels of Closure and ask them to help you remove the bad, the ugly, and the painful so that you can move on clearly, with wisdom, and in harmony with the universe.  If we do this, then we will be ready to take advantage of that powerful, New Year’s New Moon energy!  If it helps, write down all those things that are disturbing you and burn the paper while asking the angels for help — or, make a litany of what you want to release and speak it aloud:  “Angels of Closure please help me to release the painful things in my life.  I release sorrow.  I release debt.  I release fear.  I release anger.  I release hatred.  I release…(you just keep going — let the words roll off your tongue with anything that comes to mind, let it bubble up, let it boil over, let it out!!!).”  When you are finished, take a bath or shower to continue the release process.  When you are finished, as your dry yourself off, try another litany:  “I welcome happiness.  I welcome joy.  I welcome good fortune. etc.”  Finish with, “In and around me there is protection.  Protection is around me.  Protection is within me.  I am protected as I move forward into joy and happiness!  Only the good remains!”

You will be surprised at how wonderful you will feel!

Today’s Challenge — Is all about clearing things “high up”.  This is our As Above day.  Remove anything that is on top of the refrigerator, cabinets, high furniture — it doesn’t belong there and ruins the chi of the living area.  Either get rid of it or put it away (and not underneath anything because that is tomorrow’s last and final challenge!).  Also, arrange any open shelves in a neat and orderly fashion — such as an open bookcase, credenza, table with shelves, etc.

Summary:  Today we talked about the Angels of Closure and how they are more than willing to help you let go of the past, pain, fear and suffering.  We also talked about the upcoming New Moon and the amazing power that will be available to you, should you choose to use it.  I am actually going to print off today’s illustration and glue it  on a seven-day candle when I make my petition to the Angels of Closure.

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and remember to change the wish water. (2)  If you desire, ask the Angels of Closure to help you get rid of old, nasty memories or present things that are inhibiting your growth.  We need to close the door before the New Moon so that we can take advantage of that power coming our way.  We want to ride the tide, not drown in it. (3)  Clear all items “high up”. (4)  Throw away at least one thing (no give away today).  Must throw. (5)  Do FIVE (the number of change) Mad Minute Exercises

Tomorrow:  Cleaning Out Below!  Under tables, dressers, beds, cabinets, etc.  Tomorrow we will also be ready to design our New Year’s rite to close the program, honor what you have done, and ring in the new year with an AWESOME new you!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within Only the Good Remains!


Note:  Braucherei Students — A 300 DPI copy of the picture above measured to 7-day candle size is available to you for free on your Braucherei Student Blog.

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