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Great Release Program – Day 26 – Thursday – 26 December 2013


Great Release Program Day 26 Thursday 26 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth) Fourth Quarter Moon – Release and Rest Moon in Libra — Blending, Partnership, Beauty, Negotiation Thursday — Ruled by Jupiter Today:  Angels of Heartbreak

On Christmas Eve I spent five hours designing today’s art work —  Angels of Heartbreak.  The holiday season is a stressful time and the frustration level (particularly for introverted folks) rises to new heights with the pressures of socialization.  Add to this the obvious — holidays focus the mind on a specific time with a specific set of people which turn into a specific type of memory.  Current sights, sounds, foods, and aromas pull that memory to the surface, especially during holidays when many of these things are traditionally linked to seasonal festivities — music, pastries, and icons such as the evergreen tree or the menorah.  Not only do some people perceive the holiday itself as a nightmare due to the ramped activities, add to this the combined memory of the pain and loss of someone dear who made memories with you before…but, won’t be making new memories again.


This mental heartbreak brew often boils over around the holidays, scalding not only the individual in mental pain; but, also splashing bits of burning acid on the people around him or her.  From family members who have to sit at a holiday table with a mentally distressed person wrapped in feelings of loss, abandonment, and emotional pain, to the fights, brawls, and hair pulling at malls, to road rage, rudeness, and hateful comments…

all because we are confusing the past with the present in our own minds.

Rather than seeing that which is glorious RIGHT NOW, some folks slide into that comfortable, worn, wooly sock of a hitching heart where the past continues to play in a jitter loop, making everyone miserable.

You know…it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can choose.

You can choose to wallow in the past…or

You can choose to enjoy the glory in the moment of what is happening RIGHT NOW.

So, Silver…why did you choose to make that picture on this post on Christmas Eve?  I’m so glad you asked!  You see, on Christmas Eve I found myself counseling someone who that very day was thrown away by their significant other.  See ya.  Don’t want to be ya.  Have a nice life.


The day before Christmas?

What kind of a schmuck would do that to someone?  I mean…argh!

After the jilted person left my house  with swollen eyes and tissues in hand, I spent a long time thinking about “why”.  What might be the psychological reasoning for choosing such an already emotionally electrified day to mentally wallop someone?  Sure, sure, the Sun is in Capricorn, Mars is opposite Uranus, and the Moon in Libra is spitting at just about everyone she talks to — however!  The stars do not tell you what to do.  You choose how you behave — always.  From there, my mind ticked through other painful memories that people will experience this season:  Loss of a loved one through death, loss of one’s job or income, loss of mobility through sickness — the list was a long one.  I decided to design today’s art work in an effort to express my feelings of wanting to help people heal from the pain of heartbreak.  I chose two chants — a more modern one, and a Braucherei chant.  The Pow-Wow chant is used for physical bruises; but, it can be used for emotional damage, too.  Bruise thou shall not beat takes the energy away from the spot of impact.  Bruise thou shall not sweat — stops the tears from flowing.  Bruise thou shall not run — encourages the pain to contract, rather than spread.  Today, if you need to, take a few moments to talk to the Angels of Heartbreak.  They are here to help you move past the pain and realize the gain of the moment.  Make a concerted effort to enjoy what is happening right this second — and try to keep this “mindful moment” energy going for the next seven days — right through the New Year.  What if you haven’t lost someone and you are just worried?  Or have fear?  Living in the moment takes the fire out of those thoughts, and clears the field around you and within yourself — allowing you to naturally move forward with ease.

If you call on the Angels of Heartbreak they will surround you with love and healing energy.  All you have to do is ask.

Your Challenge Today:   What do you want to clean or put in order that will help you focus on joy, love, good health and prosperity for the coming year?  Meaning:  What do you want to have done by the Calendar New Year’s Eve?  Use today to clean up any holiday mess, then move forward on what you would like to have completed by the calendar New Year’s Eve.

Summary:  Today we talked about the emotional minefield of the holiday season.  To help us move past painful memories, we discussed the Angels of Heartbreak, and how they can assist you.  I gave you a seven-day-goal of trying to live in the moment, rather than slide into the muck of the past.  Finally, this last week we are going to make a concerted effort to focus on joy, love, good health and prosperity for the coming year of 2014.   Those numbers, you know, add up to the lucky number 7!  (2+1+4)

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and remember to change the water. (2)  Remember to breathe deeply, and as you do so — stay in the moment! (3)  Throw away (no keepsies) at least one thing today. (4)  Talk to the Angels of Heartbreak OR send them to a friend in need. (5)  Clean up any holiday mess. (6)  Set your goals for this week — what do you want to have completed by New Year’s Eve?

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within! Only the Good Remains


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