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Great Release Program — Day 20 — Friday – 20 December 2013

Great Release Program! Day 20!

20 December 2013 Friday by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Third Quarter Moon – Release Moon in Cancer — Protective! Sympathy, Awareness of Needs, Understanding Friday — Ruled by Venus Today:  Ceres Angels

Are you having trouble getting rid of something that you know you shouldn’t be keeping?  Yesterday, I was going through my “medicine” cupboard — this is where I keep cold remedies, vitamins, and the sainted aspirin.  I reached my hand up to the top shelf and brought down a plastic container that said:  “Dog’s Medicine.”  My heart lurched.  The dog was my Australian Cattle Dog — my beloved, most trusted friend — who passed away this year.  Too soon.  Too soon.  Tears plopped on top of the plastic lid as I removed it and looked at the contents inside.  Why did I keep this box?  All the paperwork was in there of his illness a testament of the valiant effort I made to keep him alive.  By now my chest was hitching, and I slowly lowered my head to the kitchen counter, the pain of loss lowering me to nothing.

And I wallowed in it.

I cried it out, as I have done so many times before; but, this time I raised my head and swallowed hard.  “What the hell am I keeping this shit for?” I asked myself.  There was no reason.  You can’t write a dog’s death off on your taxes.  No one wants to know how much you spent on insulin, or special medicines, or vet visits, or how you frantically ran from store to store to find him the right food that he could eat, or surgery bills…”This is stupid,” I said to myself.  I walked the box and it contents out to the trash can.  Right then and there I decided that I wanted to remember my friend when he was at his best, which didn’t include this damned box and all its painful memories.

What haven’t you let go of?

With the moon in Cancer today is a wonderful opportunity to work with the Ceres Angels.  Ceres is the largest asteroid and the only dwarf planet located in the inner solar system.  Located between Mars and Jupiter, it is a unique, Texas-sized body where its icy surface melts and reforms.  In astrology, Ceres is all about nurturing.  Given its consistency of changing from ice to liquid to ice again, Ceres is associated with the element of water.  “The prime directive of Ceres angels is nurturing, thus their colors are a rainbow of pastels.  These angels ae thought to have ample forms, brown skin tones, and triple sets of wings, usually appearing as female in form.” (1)  The sigil below is best designed on Friday (a Venus day) in the planetary hour of Venus.  With the moon in a water sign and one known for the care of women, children, and hearth and home, today is a great day for fashioning this talisman!

This Ceres Sigil appears in my book -- Angels, Companions in Magick.

This Ceres Sigil appears in my book — Angels, Companions in Magick.

Draw the talisman on pastel paper (or white), and add the names of those individuals on the back (or one name) that you feel need the intercession of the Ceres angels.  You can color the talisman as shown in the illustration, or leave it black and white.  You can even fashion the sigil as a Yule ornament — what better talisman to hang on your tree?  Try using glitter and watercolors.  Continue with your own magickal application, or simply use the Braucherei Morning Ritual as a way to empower, adding the individual names at the end of each chant.  Or you can call on the Ceres angels by saying:  “Ceres angels come by here, remove all hate, angst and fear.  Bring your blessings kind and true — love within when day is through.” Chants and charms work best if you take the time to massage the syllables into a rhythm that is pleasing to you.  Repeat the words several times before you use any chant, even putting your hands up, palms facing out to see how the energy runs with your speech pattern.  Sometimes you find that a chant or charm just doesn’t roll right off of your tongue.  That’s okay.  Either continue to work with it, or massage the words slightly to find the rhythm that works for you.  If you need to change the words, carefully consider the intent of the chant first, and then choose which words psychologically and spiritually mean the same thing (in your mind).  Words mean different things to different people.  Use them as a marvelous tool of empowerment!  When you are comfortable with the chant, then move on to actually using it in magick.

You can place the Ceres Angel Talisman under a candle, in a conjuring bag, behind the picture of a loved one, put it in your pocket, purse, briefcase, at the office or in your car.  Your imagination is your only limit.

A nice, altar set up would be a bowl of ice on one side, a bowl of water on the other, and a pastel-colored candle in the center placed on top of the talisman.

Today’s Physical Work:  Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Music Collections, Movie Collections, Magazines, Newspapers — Throw what you can or give away what you don’t want anymore.  Last year I gave most of my VCR tapes away and sold quite a few DVD’s at a game store.  I did sell some on Ebay; but the hassle of packing, sending, and paying the fees just wasn’t worth it.  I received more value by going to a game store.  I remember that one gentleman posted that he made a good chunk of change, enough to pay a particular looming bill, by releasing those DVD’s he no longer watched.

Summary:  Today we looked hard at giving away physical items associated with painful memories.  We talked about the Ceres Angels and how they are filled with compassion and nurturing energy.  With the Ceres Angel Talisman, you can do a lovely rite or spell today to help yourself, your family, friends or loved ones.  We also covered how to use a charm or chant to your best advantage.

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual and remember to change the Wish Water. (2)  Let go of something that is emotionally volatile. (3)  Try using the Ceres Angel Talisman. (4)  Go through your DVD’s, CD’s, Magazines, Books, etc.  Give away those that have lost interest.  Throw out old newspapers, magazines or broken items. (5)  Throw out one physical thing today (that isn’t covered in number 4 above). (6)  Remember to give yourself a gold star on the calendar for today’s completed tasks. (7)  One Minute Madness exercise.

Tomorrow:  All medicinal items, including First Aid boxes, or places where you keep such items.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within Only the Good Remains


(1)  Angels, Companions in Magick by Silver RavenWolf — you may also like my book, Mindlight, which gives many mental exercises for stress relief and positive, magickal living.

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